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Facing the first midterm in English how to deal with

Junior English mid-term review should note the linkage between knowledge, clear context, build up your confidence, measured and confidently meet the mid-term exam.
  New with old summed up in a timely manner if the old with the new, reanimating the new, new with old, timely summary of summary, also can have a multiplier effect. As in Chapter 1 has learned two important phrases admit doing sth. And deny doing sth. When studying these two phrases, the students according to the content of the new learning, think we've seen similar phrases are enjoydoingsth.,finishdoingsth.,hatedoingsth.,lovedoingsth.,practisedo-ingsth.,minddoingsth.,avoiddoingsth.,suggestdoingsth., prefer doing sth., consider doingsth. etc。 Verb-noun structure so that the entire junior undertakes overall review. Can, of course, moving to review the infinitive of the verb. So while learning new things by Association, migration, analysis, methods of induction, deduction, and manpower up old and new knowledge, can play a role in review.
  Skills development reading read the scaled scores in exam papers for 56 minutes, 37.33% per cent of papers, test score was 77.2% last year. Study selection reflected most vividly in the reading section of the exam. Reading ability not instant success, required a long-term commitment. Master the skill of reading skills, as well as the answer (answer the questions according to the passage in particular) can be thick and Bo. When done reading, attention to the sum of the first two paragraphs and the first sentence of each paragraph carefully and quickly to find useful information in the article; ignore or guess the meaning described his views. When finished the Cloze, read, and understand the effect that first easy to difficult, pay attention to match; the faculty, correlated; read and verified. Answer the questions and see the type of problem according to format answers the question of; check again to ensure accuracy of the content, style, spelling, syntax.
  When accumulated full words and writing and writing, examining the right, take advantage of known conditions had crashed; write start and end of sentences; words, phrases, grammatical accuracy; clear, language fluency; sentence variety. Usually at least once a week to practice writing 3 articles, after the teacher, students change, writing again around the same topic, which can achieve excellence, should not do not blindly back fan. Notice an accumulation of good words and then creating recited some classic articles (such as 8B France is calling a class and the new concept of class II articles in the book), usually encourages students to try to write, trying to express their views. Only continue to accumulate and the writing process, to obtain the improvement of writing ability and increase.
  Third day study is stressful and busy classmates clearing English context at the same time, full of confidence in themselves, only to believe in yourself, to get the joy of learning and experience English charm, we believe you will be in the third in English mid-experience the joy of success. BACK