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Writing skills: Quick clean and a good ending

Familiar with the allocation of time for writing an exam in three steps:
  First step: examining the reasons listed, identifying the position, up to 5 minutes for at least 3 minutes.
  To avoid two a extreme: ((only need in draft paper Shang with English words or Chinese lists all reason, prevent forgotten)) available too less, reason no wants to clear on began writing, not only caused articles logic structure not clear, also will caused lines in the frequently of amendment, haste makes waste; available too more, don't pursuit once thinking on can put each article reason and the related example are wants to out. Can come up with two pen, various reasons for example can be written to the paragraph, thinking and writing. This you don't have to doubt that as long as your mind is normal, can do it.
  Second step: the body of writing. At least 22 minutes up to 26 minutes.
  A. paragraphs writing paragraphs when given different weight to different parts of.
  To give maximum attention to the topic sentence, note sentences, don't tell me you don't want to write a topic sentence, topic sentences can make the reader and the author himself more clearly what the paragraph writing. Paragraphs do not have to follow the same pattern of supporting details in writing. There are n choices for reference: 1. Cite specific examples 2. Said the other relative weaknesses 3. Using the data 4. Using the hypothetical example 5. Using analogies, metaphors, references, and other rhetorical devices to describe. Which you most likely want to come out, what kind of.
  B. test before the beginning, end, illustration, concession and other set backs skilled, and they cooked up for when you practice and practice test, should be treated as good as finished blanks exam essays. Don't try to reproduction in the examination room to decide what kind of good at the beginning, how to end up. Using your own selection of cliches.
  C. when told there is at the end of 5 minutes, you should write to the last reason, or at the end. To ensure that the articles have a paragraph at the end. (Did not rule out him and finally a reason with the end of possibilities. ) Step three: check. 1-3 minutes, focused inspections.
  1, syntax: make sure every sentence is complete, a predicate, and simple sentence is only one predicate.
  2, tenses: most of the article uses present tense; present tense third person singular; use case using the past tense in the past 3, subject-verb agreement in this three-step, continuing over exercise 5, you can ensure that time.
  Clean 1, TWE must write with a pencil, you need to prepare your pencil and eraser. Rubber flexible, too hard may break any paper, clean again with the error; 2, first writing requirements write neither too big nor too small, often writes about 10-12 words. If handwriting is not good, you can practice before the exam to write 26 letters written in it BACK