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How to use complex sentence writing introduction

Well begun is half done is a well-known English proverb. In other words, the beginning of a beautiful, often writing half of success. Especially in the IELTS and TOEFL iBT writing exams, good beginning tends to attract the examiner's eye in an instant, make a good first impression. So, how can we write nice introductory paragraph? First of all, we have to be straight to the point, clear writing topic and purpose. How to do straight?
We can use the following several ways:
1. Statistics leads to the topic, present in front of the reader questions 2. Ask controversial questions, stimulate reader interest, its active participation in the discussion, 3. With novel ideas to attract readers ' attention; 4. Pros and cons of the topic view, 5. To quote, sayings etc as the beginning of the article 6. The topics to be discussed are defined.
Secondly, it should be good at using complex sentences, so that clear and concise introductory paragraph at the beginning. We will explore the following IELTS and TOEFL iBT all kinds of subjects and genre article introductory paragraph writing. Reference data topic of discussion, description of the problem or the importance, to draw the reader's attention.   Here we combine several practice the IELTS and TOEFL iBT writing topics. When we write articles on the subject of corporal punishment, it can start like this: It is reported that a boy in Zhuhai was beaten to death by his father on Father' Day. Ample evidence also shows that children who are frequently abused by their parents or teachers tend to be introverted, pessimistic, indifferent and even world-weary. Recently, there has arisen a fierce argument on whether corporal punishment should be abolished. Teachers, parents and experts take diverse attitudes towards this issue. (it was reported that on father's day, Zhuhai has a little boy being dad to death. Sufficient evidence also shows that often from parents or teachers abuse children are often introverted, pessimistic, indifferent or jaded. Recently, about whether corporal punishment should be abolished there was a fierce debate, with teachers, parents and experts differ. ) And when we write about the topic of whether or not smoking, you can start like this: a recent study conducted by Zhongshan University has found that the number of smokers has been increasing sharply over the past five years. Research findings also reveal that the incidence of smoking-related conditions has soared. As a result, the ban on smoking has been in the spotlight. (Sun Yat-sen University a recent study shows that over the past five years, the number of smokers has risen dramatically. Results also show a sharp increase in incidence of diseases caused by smoking. Therefore, smoking has become a hot topic. ) BACK