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Shortcut to the college entrance examination: foreign language for admission places art express

In November, the University independent admission and other special types of admissions policies focus on publishing period. Following the aosaibao sent special admissions policies after the abolition of small languages will also cancel the voice come. In addition to outside the Orsay, special type door entrance way or how many to the University? Foreign language admission, language examination or sports "drop", "art" class express a wide variety of college entrance examination "shortcut" implies how much injustice?
  College entrance exam, how many "shortcuts"
  A wide variety of special admissions policies, unjust factors how many?
  Qilu evening news reported the Ministry to cancel the Orsay admission policy, so this is College released special admissions policies of November is even more agitated. Orsay innings savaged in the college entrance examination extra points program, people are more concerned about is that it pulls some of the other factors which may imply unfair exam "shortcuts".
  17 foreign language middle school foreign language admission recommended qualifications will be set in stone? Small languages in 2011, the real return to college entrance exams: camp? Sports recruitment into lower College Road? Art vest-wearing non-art major would also like to express how long? When can the innovation of science and technology is not just city kids plus pass ... ... Foreign language classes: provincial one-third send a small amount for each school based on the 2010 college recruiting admission scheme, in line with the eight categories of conditions is qualified for admission to the students eligible. In the relevant provisions of the Ministry of education has issued involving Olympiad, national youth scientific innovation contest, the international science and engineering Grand Prix four conditions of admission qualification, will be canceled starting from 2011-school life. With only four conditions including: high school was named the provincial outstanding students graduating, foreign language class walks, comply with the admission requirements of the retired athletes, public security martyr children.
  Recently, Xiamen University and other universities have published implementation measures for the admission, these recommended walks are also provided to students in college recruiting qualified foreign language middle school foreign language for admission.
  This reporter has learned, according to college students majoring in foreign language and literature classes special requirements, approved by the Ministry of education, 17 foreign languages school has recommended walks students ' qualifications. Jinan foreign language school of Shandong only one school with this qualification, 2010 foreign language for admission of more than more than 200 people, 2010, Shandong province, who sponsor health qualifications account for one-third.
  English category: colleges directly to the secondary school "indicators"
  For shortcuts to minority language advantage college entrance examination students 2011 seems to be more difficult.
  In 2010, the domestic total of 25 universities with small languages in advance enrollment and eligibility. It is reported that in 2008, the Ministry of Education issued a notice asking after 1-2 years of pilot, about small languages in University enrollment in advance to a gradual transition to batch admitted earlier in the national examination for undergraduate students. This year, the MoE 2011 minority languages when admissions policy for comments, has revealed plans to link the abolition of all languages separate entrance.
  "Minor languages include examinations, for students who wanted to go small language shortcuts, and is equivalent to losing a talisman, is to increase the chances for an advance batch admission only. "Teachers at a high school in the province, although small languages to many of the advantages of foreign language students has opened a door, but it is a double-edged sword, students to fully prepare for language exams prone to partial section," student prepare small languages last year, delayed the review of other subjects, college entrance examination failed. "In addition, some colleges and universities in order to exist in some schools of" indicators ", was criticised by language enrollment.
  Sports class: athletes qualification card into hit and General Liberal Arts section compared, for sports class admissions General on culture class results requirements relative lower, and as main measure standard of "two level athletes qualification certificate" on is hot, Henan, to on had broke high candidates athletes card fraud case, some institutions played "spent tens of thousands of Yuan can Shang undergraduate" of signs touting candidates, so Ministry of education will the adjustment entrance added points policy of another a focus put in sports students Shang.
  Meanwhile, reporters learned that countries like sports, those interested in physical education and sports, but no sports candidates established the sports category of the professional and technical levels, and social sports specialty of physical education only. Such candidates participate in the provincial central organizations of the physical education exam (assessment project for Sprint, middle distance, throw), all of the project assessment level, improve the quality qualified line drawn by the provinces. Candidates are required to attend the national college entrance exam, scores determined by admissions school on the basis of.
  At present, the province recruit social sports speciality in colleges of the 13, Junior College 3, annual enrollment of more than 1000 people. "Because compared with categories such as athletes, sports and social sports specialty of physical education requirements is low, and its cultural achievements is lower than the General liberal arts college entrance examination scores, so candidates in these two years the situation has been more popular. "Jinan University staffer said.
  A case study of Shandong University, 2010 culture social sports speciality college entrance examination scores of the school than the school's undergraduate admissions line low around 70.
  The "art" category: two-month crash course, reduced extent Sun Ke (not her real name) is a high school senior three students in Jinan, ranked at around level 30, and according to the school college admission scores in recent years, in 2011, the college entrance examination, admitted to key universities, is suspended for Sun Ke. High school increased Summer Sun Ke to Jinan an art training school "Movies" majors, admitted to prestigious universities more weights.
  At present, many colleges offering admissions system in accordance with art students in non-art majors, such as "advertising", "industrial design", "clothing design and engineering", "management of cultural industries", "Movies", and so on. On November 24, the reporter learned from the Shandong economic University, college entrance examination in 2010, the school of "cultural industry management" professional arts as arts number of admissions category, than the ordinary group of undergraduate admission at the school by 100 points.
  Reporters learned from the Jinan, an art class, entered the third year ago, a number of "little bird" Student Council take 1-2 months, instant "Movies", "film director" and, "do not need deep knowledge of art, two-month crash course" became the slogan of such class. University of brand, seems out of reach, and accelerated after the art professional easier, it would be a "shortcut to the college entrance examination".
  Contest categories: participant 80% city students national youth science creation competition, "little scientist tomorrow" reward activities, primary and secondary computer activities ... ... When standardized college entrance examination extra points program notifies the Ministry of education, Jinan parents Mr YOUNG knows, the original path of the College there are so many. "I live in the town, do not know there are so many games to go to College, children in rural areas are less likely to know, I'm afraid. "Mr Yang said. Not only that, and utilitarian purposes, fraud in the contest was criticized by many parents and students, "students rather than innovation, parents rather than relationships. "A high school student who participated in such competitions, Weifang city angry about this.
  According to Ministry of education regulations, participation in all three games, made a, second bona fide College.
  "The students participating in this kind of game 80% from Jinan, Qingdao, Weifang city, rural students lacking this information, but did not participate in the game. "The Provincial Association for science and technology official said admission in college all the utilitarian objective, parents couldn't even find a professional company for the processing work, so every game, as a sponsor, will work on the review of the Association spends a lot of time. "As a sponsor, we also hope the decoupled from the entrance, so genuinely interested and talented students to come to the fore. ” BACK