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Expansion of chemistry entrance examination of knowledge and contacts

Attach importance to and return textbook: basic knowledge and application of examination is the principal content of chemistry entrance examination. So I should stick to my review "of the base, return to teaching materials", and the essential characteristics of knowledge during the usual practice, greater attention to basic knowledge and basic skills in the real, vivid reproduction of specific situations and investigation.
  Note process and method, reproducing inquiry process: review in peacetime in focusing on the core knowledge and skills at the same time, pay attention to process and methods, reproduce the inquiry process, attention in the study learn to summarize, compare, analyze, reason, migration, focusing on the experiences and understanding of the process.
  Enhancing standardized training, improving writing skills: more attention to chemical terminology in review writing, and improve written language of logic, reducing unnecessary mistakes. As with the chemical formula writing; chemical equation balancing, condition, status tagging; chemical terminology and writing instrument name; format standardization to solve math calculations.
  Enhance analytic ability training: many students on the subject requirement has not been clear answers and resulting in lost annual entrance test has occurred, should pay attention to this aspect in the usual learning training.
  Careful study of the chemical description and testing: understanding the chemical description and testing requirements, grasp the depth and breadth of the review, through the study of the chemical description and test examples and research questions clearly chemistry entrance examination proposition trends, the ability to define content requirement lies in how the questions. BACK