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Review of college entrance exam on Chinese experience

For candidates, prepared by the Chinese is a difficult subject. Regardless of the arts alive is a science student, has to face the same papers; questions are very flexible, less contact with textbooks; composition score big and test students ' knowledge, language skills, depth of thought, and many other capabilities. Therefore, even those scorers on the gaokao, the language is difficult to like maths, English, and get a high score. However, any discipline there are rules to follow. Let us see the top scorers!
Geng Quan 1, Anhui science language based, font styles, such as pronunciation, idioms, is the way I review: the first ten years of this type of exam questions, worked out laws, understanding the college entrance examination in this regard to examine what, to what kind of test, analysis, then do comprehensive pronunciation exercises.
Learning classical Chinese language is the most important, so you want to read more, learn some of the more outstanding works of classical Chinese. First of all textbooks require the recitation of classical Chinese texts to be able to recite, other texts to read and pay special attention to the textbook notes, and some key words, acquire the relevant knowledge. In addition to learning in the classroom, usually you can also read more about the guwen guanzhi the writings of some of the more classic works.
For writing, my approach is "used". I am usually very careful to read some famous books, articles, such as romance of the three kingdoms, the dream of the novel, the reader, and the youth Digest, essay and exam and other journals, as well as over the entrance out of the composition, and an extract of paragraphs and sentences in a beautiful book, here, take it out back and back. For a long time, you can accumulate a wealth of source material, and expand your imagination at the time of writing, you can borrow from others, into their own use, and help you write beautiful sentences.
Shanxi science 2, Ellen says of the ancients, and calligraphy from China. I think the "classics" and refers not only to the words of some of the more ornate, more also refers to the depths of the mind. Our lives, society must have its own unique insight into how key expressed these ideas in the composition through training. Many students will make some excerpts such as usual, when I excerpt excerpt is focusing on some of the more thoughtful stuff. We should also read more articles, especially essays, in addition to relax and think about learning things to life and society to form their own opinions. Thoughtful people not only writing reveals a deep, and whole language levels and even temperament will be different.
Sprouting basics of Arts review 3, Beijing require Marathon endurance, rather than Sprint short fight. Come before the test language based review the material several times in a hurry, means be able to consolidate these should have been to my knowledge.
Zhu Shida college entrance examination, the selected writings of science 4, Hubei is coming from outside, and knowledge are all derived from the class. Content words, words, sentences, past and present different, fragmented knowledge points, but if good classification, summarization, and tasks, we will be able to "bloom outside class." In the normal course of study, pay attention to classification summary, involved in the texts of knowledge points are recorded, enhanced memory. As you when I read some passages from the outside would not feel strange.
5, Hunan Arts chenbo I've consciously pay attention to knowledge accumulation, such as we were when we read the newspapers, magazines, look at some of the articles, you can consciously put some good sentences, words, or fun recorded deeds. For example, there are many characters in the television interview, their story is very helpful to us in many ways, when we face after the exam, which will naturally become very good writing material.
6, Guizhou science Luo voyage reading is an important part of language learning, especially reading, many students may feel that they can read the article, but to become a problem when at a loss, I have had such experiences. According to the teacher's advice, I found a number of fairly standard reference books, and then follow the usual questions of speed reading the above article, conceived in the brain to answer, finally, and referenced answers to compare, over time, I found some terms or topics of a type of answer. By constantly sum up and training in later literary works read I write very quickly, answering questions easier.
7, Jilin Sun Tianyu of Arts I mainly through journal writing, usually those things that happen in life are recorded in the form of a diary or diaries written book review, impressions. Like reading a book, magazine, a TV show, there will be some feeling, it is write, written in the diary. If you normally keep a diary, writing ideas often come fast and can get a lot of material from the daily diary, inspiration, and journal on the fit, start to feel no bother at all, write smoothly.
Heilongjiang Liu Shize of science 8, how to select questions, I can provide two ways: first, the previous year's college entrance examination. I think that the idea of the college entrance examination is the most positive, it doesn't turn your ideas, test directions are also almost every year, are based on knowledge, not too much too difficult for you to do it. Is the direction of the college entrance examination to show you and tell you which direction efforts should be, what knowledge should know, these are all other workbooks cannot tell you. Second, pick from the simulated test questions. Second half of third year, the teacher will send analog volume down all over the country, you just can't have it all finished them, can only pick from the papers to do at this time. Think about some questions in my mind is OK, not written on paper, like ancient poetry appreciation and modern reading, finally, and compare answers.
9, Henan Arts Yang Nannan for language learning, in particular, composition, and accumulation is a important way. But if we only build and do not learn to use and learning effect is not so good, even if they have a wealth of material, not only Tiger days it took. So I advocate in this regard flexibility is more important than a lot of the accumulation of hidden information to be good at digging source material, when writing to block punches, the status quo. In training of high school composition, I recommend using a few of the more familiar examples, and then to dig it deeper meaning, again, and apply different topic when 54. This is less time collecting materials and can be flexibly, the effect is good.
10, the overnight work of Henan Wang Xuan science language, requires a long period of accumulation and precipitation. Accumulation, however are not limited to, phoneme, glyph, words, phrases, sentences, writing material. For reading, also should use as learning math error would have been to continue to accumulate, summarize the wrong topic, especially modern reading of objective questions. After doing a reading, to careful analysis like math problems wrong place, where they fell into the examiners carefully laid a trap, and a warning.
11, Zhang Jieqiong language papers in the first 90 minutes of science in Zhejiang is the focus of my review of college entrance examination. Such as the translation of classical Chinese reading, is my weakness. When the teacher tells us, college entrance examination requirements in the translation of the word in the book is, the key is to remember the word in textbook sentences that have emerged in what is meant. So, although the wide language extension, but focus on textbooks, receives.
Sichuan high flood of liberal arts 12, people often say that language study is accumulated. How specific should accumulate it? It's really quite simple, ready to book the size of a cookie, trivial life written in the little book of language knowledge, carry, feel free to review.
First, the direct source of material is accumulated Chinese textbooks, including phonetic Word, interpreting the words in the text, new idioms, allusions in the text. Secondly, to accumulate from the exam. At each marking, should take notes, keep questions in near, homonyms words, wrong words, typos noted. Furthermore, we all of textbooks are is with characters prepared, around all of people are said Chinese, this inside can accumulated of things on more has, including idiom, and proverbs, and twisters,, even in see TV (especially costume play) of when, screen below of subtitles are has better idiom, and saying, and I think such accumulated Xia of things often impression most deep, understanding most accurate.
Of course, accumulates selectively. For unfamiliar things, you should give up, focused on accumulating those commonly used; the accumulation of stuff should also regularly review, in order to achieve the purpose of accumulating.
Jilin science 13, Wu Ming usually read selectively read. I often read science fiction, travel and other magazines, and used to read a lot of classics. More books can broaden their horizons, the process of reading the different points of the article, is to experience different perspectives, different processes in the world. It can subtly influence our own wind and the attitude, of writing also help.
Language I'm not in favor of more questions, the key is to find the feeling. To find tips, how to figure out each answer, think where the recovery points are usually located. Appreciation of poems, to remember some of the literary terms, we can figure out the answer to find the answer score routine. BACK