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People who have shared experience in college entrance examination

When four college entrance exam practice test a losing one (pony, College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University of Michigan freshman science last year 700 points) a week before college entrance examination last year I had a very easy and very laid back. At 7 o'clock every morning, starting at 9 o'clock, in strict accordance with entrance examinations to review, such as 9:00-11:30 in the morning to take the language I language during this time, major reviewing their vulnerable part.
  Test already depressing enough these days, we want this tension and depression to the minimum, so the last few days I kept isolated---do not read newspapers, free of outside interference. Don't take the University entrance exam as a terrorist, four die on it as well.
  Intimate Note: exams exam a lost one, do not want to score, a finished good. The temptation to give yourself a treat, such as finished will be able to do the things they want to do, as long as we finish and finally back to back, you can get it.
  Examination room, excitement, and carefully (Xiaoyu, Hong Kong University freshman science 693 points last year) last week, I review of the exam is based on the order, first review the final test of that one, and so on, review the content of the second day of the test the day before the exam. This time I will not be a new problem, mainly books and notes. Maths and English can be found several sets of questions to practice a practice subject of English practice, math is mainly practiced speed.
  Languages based on the review questions and essay, and ensure the basic problem isn't to drop points. I read through the essay you wrote out before, is to see the teacher's comments, my own shortcomings, according to the teacher's comments to think about how we can improve.
  Intimate reminder: enter the examination room before the eyes closed 30 seconds, don't think anything, concentrate into the examination. Doing exercise to keep a clear head when, told myself to finish one hand, constantly the problem continue to get points, give yourself the confidence, so that it will grow more excited, excited at the same time to remind yourself, stay careful.
  Test vulnerable subjects Shi don't too value results (small ying, South China University of technology e-commerce professional freshman students, last year entrance science 649 points) last one week of review to has plans, I listening to teacher words, put need do of things into four class: 1. emergency and important of; 2. emergency but does not is important of; 3. not emergency but is important of; 4. not emergency also not important of. After reviewing things well. For example, I "urgent and important" thing is to attack vulnerable subjects mathematics, so watch this in the last week of the main door.
  When the math, I've summarized the notes out, chat with the math teacher, relax. Of course, basic theorems, concepts and formulas is to memorize. But even so, the math test because too much emphasis on the result, but I missed many topic, but a moment of tension affects play. So the young girl to learn my lesson, test when I'm vulnerable subjects, do not too much into the results, believe their effort will be a breakthrough.
  Intimate Note: this attitude adjustment is very important, my high school on the campus inside the habit of walking while listening to music, so these days, eating meals on campus walking around, listening to soothing music, can relax a lot. In addition, don't care too much about sleep, I take the language could not sleep the night before, but I didn't care too much, I know that even if insomnia, also have little effect.
  Only a week from the entrance, most schools have begun to close, candidates are free to review, just like a "free man". During this period of time can completely relax and make a play, or stay at home and sleep to wake every day? High school teacher and who say no! "College entrance examination, do not cool, even though last week, and will, as always, adhere to the end. "
  Teachers nagging don't give up their vulnerable subjects "last week, the key is to change their attitude and the biological clock, to a normal view the University entrance exam, college entrance examination is not a big deal. "Wide-iron three class Dindane said," from now on, to adjust the clock, not to stay up late at night, going to bed on time, getting up in the morning. Make sure in the morning 9:00-11:30, 3:00-5:00 the two examination periods this afternoon in the excited state. "
  Ding also reminded candidates last week should not be doing a lot of questions, "candidates at this time mainly wanted to see, had done before and done wrong questions read, not necessarily to write by hand, take the time to realize on the line, by thinking about and understanding to improve. But taking into account each candidate is different, potential candidates like writing adds more impressions, then use the most suitable ways and means to review. "
  To the last moment, many candidates will often give up, for your vulnerable subjects give up attitude. Ding but remind you that last moment to take one last shot, do not give up their vulnerable subjects, to make a personalized review programme on vulnerable subjects can take some time to summarize and thinking. "You can communicate with teachers, questions must be clear. ” BACK