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Online learning good English

We certainly very much hope that we can communicate directly with foreign friends, learned the language of fashion. But most of the friends that due to restrictions, such as teacher training, the price is very high, in many parts of the English corner, few foreigners, and the time is limited, and so on, claimed there was no good way.
2 years ago because I joined the foreign service, you need to learn Japanese, especially verbal and message communication. My Skype it found 3 Japan friends, men and 2 women, basically free exchanges, we talk about everything, when I taught myself Japanese, only six months, much to explain in English, but they also understand.
A few months later, I am proficient in written Japanese messages, answering the telephone. I also have found several United States and Italy's friends, practice your English and Italy language, sometimes with special talk direct voice communication.
These are applications for future work, especially in terms of everyday language, has received very good results.
Certain words and statements, even the foreigner is surprised to hear, even you say so perfect. With foreigners which I get from the Internet users.

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