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I learn English from zero experience

In the eyes of many people, English is difficult, and I used to think the same. In fact, English is the best language to learn, there's rules. Than the native Chinese to learn. Most do not for one year, will be able to cross the border. Tips to friends.
  A lot of people will think I'm dizzy head. Not so fast, I say, you say that too late.
  I had to learn English and, like the other members three days fishing, casting net for two days. The same reason, it is difficult. Does not go in, are the methods we use are wrong. Learn English because this way or in accordance with the methodology of this syntax, when will it end.
  Several times, gave up a couple of times. I frustrated or begins with an idea. I feel English is the most important thing is listening, you don't understand, how do you spell it, how can you know what was said. Again, you have to speak in English, and the Chinese tongue is hard, don't know English. So, I think my method is wrong, in fact, the first is to solve the problem of speaking tongue stiff. I spent more than a month's time, closer to phonetic symbols, require careful pronunciation. It is important to lay the foundations for you speak standard English words. This is what I consider the first thing, I don't study grammar and sentences and words. Because of this method, people waste time and learn the English language well. Waiting for me to learn the phonetic symbols, will find that words are very easy to read and write, words are easy to remember, there are many words, as long as one, could spell a rough, some spelling, spelling it right. Right, I corrected it. Remember firmly. English suddenly becomes easy. Good basis for phonetic symbols, can not only help me to pronounce the words accurately, effectively distinguish between words of similar pronunciation, effective English I read more, and can accurately read the defence. I find that learning English, learning to learn to learn, it is around a large Bay. Now, most people cannot learn English or speak English well because on top of it. Is not it? Is not the accurate pronunciation. Not accurate pronunciation, you don't know or can't tell what foreigners say. Most people and virtually all of the school's children. Are shortcomings in this area, which can make them effective in English-despite their grammar and vocabulary master is very good. Solution is very simple, is to spend a few months ' time, carefully corrected pronunciation.
  First step to learn the phonetic alphabet, is learning words, don't study grammar and sentence, that thing would be a waste of your time. Then you have to ask, if I want to recite the words, answer to you is not to memorize words. Not hard word, can you master words can. You watch how I do it, you know.
  To grasp how many words to solve the general problem? Answer: at least 5000. How long can grasp? Answer: normal brain 3-4 months half an hour a day. This is starting from scratch you? Answer: Yes. This 5,000 word master can easily be used? Answer: no, only the primary meaning of a Word can be used, after other meanings and usages can accumulate.
  Knowing English well, can't say the main reason is that we don't really learn Phonetics. This is the conclusion I study English several times. If you learn English grammar and sentences and words at the outset, I would say you are wrong, there will be a lot of words form a fixed idea in your mind of the idea, the pronunciation of the word is difficult to correct later. Will waste a lot of time and effort. I understand now, English skills of dark and light, speak pure English accents, do not speak fluent in phonetic transcription above. Which only ************************ understand, so only they truly mastered English, speak English fluently. Which was ignored by you, and you will always be bad, speak good English. No matter how much you in command of grammar and vocabulary.
  English people have such a problem, me too, is to learn to write words, sentences and grammar, not serious about phonetic, phonetic symbols are about learning, I believe very few people will carefully note the tongue, lips, teeth, and throat, articulation, pronunciation, and so on. If you don't learn, you speak English, of course, will be stiff, it will help English is ocean trail, inarticulate, with accents of the local dialect. Inaudible inaudible to speak and read aloud, hear similar words pronunciations. So, if you do not have phonetic symbols, no matter how much you imitate English, native English accent, you can't tell. But what seems dull, closer to phonetic symbols, spent months of time to overcome the boring, carefully according to the phonetic pronunciation of the person, who is truly master English after. To learn English well is people will complain about the lack of English language, is to give you the environment you can't speak English quickly, in the dialogue, you have to spend a lot of time to correct your incorrect learning pronunciation. Only oral and modality of emotion expression in native environments can learn better. Writing, declarative language is not native environments as well.
  There are so many words, how can we remember it, everyone's memory is different, how do I say I remember the words.
  I used to memorize new words is to die back, Dizzy head back to rest. Sometimes the brain swelling, awake for days are full. Sober and back again, is boring, and the effect is a little bad. Meet letter long words, but also back swelling brain. Old, brain memory to die, and I thought how can get smart.
  Words used to reconstruct the sentence, but we do need a 5,000 word to address most of the problems in English. Need to remember so many words written, really distressed.
  I am familiar with the word method is dictated, not back words, after listening to the pronunciation and phonetic pronunciation, by their spelling, the machine reads a, I listened to a write a. Spelled wrong, correct again, and repeat. Next time you hear, generally written on the. Second, I call it looking for words. If you notice that the word, no matter how long, is not a compound word, is the word added to form (or words have majority). I recorded these words. Because they often appear in word formation.
  Tion,OUN,ter,Dis,com,ment,Tun,Zen,Ion,GER,Ain,,Tage,into,pre,teen,for,Tan,cul,Tal, and so on, these words are separate syllabic, prefix, suffix, prefix and suffix on the books, but some not on the prefix Word book, these did not affix the sound to see summary, not a lot of these words often appear in different words in word-formation. Some books have the word, others do not, there is no word on their own to find out, as long as they often appear in the form of words, you can have it picked up, as their own good. Find affix sound for words and listen well.
  Third is to accumulate more letter words less. Letters fewer words are words of intent, called root. She is the thing to use at the beginning of human evolution, word meaning clear. So long as these letters were few words, many words are in the top few letters and add and subtract. Many words are also a combination of these words to BACK