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2011 entrance examination reform of essential English

2011 English entrance examination in Guangdong Province will face major changes, English subject test is divided into written and "listening tests", is a combination of listening and speaking test and advanced to March or April to now, "Gao Sansheng" must take an oral test, oral exam before this year is as optional subjects. Shenzhen home network to share with you the latest news.
  English teacher, spoken English into college entrance examination scores, proclaimed "mute English" test the end of an era, of students comprehensive ability in English is another challenge.
  "The most fundamental role of language is communication, spoken into the college entrance examination scores, requires that all candidates take the test, beneficial to students ' quality-oriented education in the long run. "And next year's college entrance examination listening tests using interactive mode, which is usually neglected oral, ignoring the English listening and speaking for candidates fight for 12 points or more can be described as" very difficult ", there may be students in exams" speak, the buckle "phenomenon.
  Improve your spoken English practice with reading "the first is to keep reading, exercise 15 minutes a day, featured the voice of America and the new concept English, to read slower, but synchronous pronunciation, read like a shadow. "Matthew Kong said practice to read is not necessarily in the morning time, he advocated language study in the evening. "Second is to hear, to find a faster speed of the material to listen to than it is now. Third, listening, best meal also opens the English TV news. "Finally, intensive listening, using the method of dictation, dictation 100 words of content once a week.
  English • ideal education academic Director Kang Yiwen believes, "Gao Sansheng" to use the summer to strengthen skills training, you can increase the listening exercises, listening and reading English materials, enhanced sense of practicing standard English pronunciation.
  State education entrance examination oral distinguished expert Yu Zhuoya teacher pointed out, candidates for Guangzhou to learn spoken English is not difficult. Students participate in the training system is the most important. Such training could be carried out in schools can also choose other teaching institutions, according to their own need to choose their own specialized training.
  "I hear test" three part strategy more than a teacher or "Gao Sansheng" a few pointers. "I hear test" in the "imitation reads" section, mainly the students ' proficiency in English, students who are able to follow along as the National Geographic magazine, and some documentaries, this type of video difficulties and recording with imitation read similar requirements.
  "Role play" section, many students lose not because could not understand what the story said, but do not know what is the point in the process, notes not system. So, when students take notes, get lost in some words, but to listen, listen to understand overall content. Answer when trying to use short sentences, using complex sentences, so as to avoid unnecessary errors. The "story" section, students hear stories to the effect that mainly hear 5W1H (who/what/when/where/how/why), retelling as possible in their own la BACK