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Exam English answer tips

Candidates what to do at this stage, what time to use at least half an hour every day, learned by reading and reciting aloud the texts, dialogues, Word, reading aloud and reciting do listening and speaking training. Answer when you have a sense. In junior high school English textbook focusing on volume III.
  Second, collection of questions, error on a complex problem this modified copy in all, write the correct answer with a red pen, and next to the wrong topic to write one or two sentence description of error reason, make yourself a deeper impression, avoid making similar mistakes. Still do not understand, ask the teacher.
  Third, to enhance the reading and listening. Do you have time now, but don't waste every day, reading, practice listening (uniform listening).
  Four, you can do some exercises to determine which still has vulnerabilities.
  Preparation strategies and high listening tests listening question on candidates this year, and also deepened, students should make full use of hands of listening, listen to shorthand in the listening process. Capture accurate information in order to answer correctly.
  Belonging to second, alternative examined the basics of traditional questions, this title covers grammar, vocabulary, oral usage, sentence structure, function and so on. This problem is flexible, wide coverage, but most of the problems come from books or in a textbook. Answer to the attention of:
  1. the subject context, understand the context, grasp the question stem all the information, from lexical, grammatical, and idiomatic, collocation, and many other considerations.
  2. the dialogue question stem, more life, more flexible, according to the actual situation to determine the answer.
  3. takes note of General knowledge, keep in mind the "language not from sentence, Word, syntax is not out of context." Use a process of elimination to elect the answer.
  Third, the sentence which requires candidates to have more precise language literacy, examining candidates for lexical comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, word choice and application, as well as collocation, type of sentence structure, the ability of the tense of the sentence, and so on.
  Verbs and idioms phrases that appear in the text, to pay special attention, because these contents is good or bad, is the key to candidate sentences correctly, each learned a verb and idioms phrases to link simple sentences consisting of the 5 basic sentence patterns to consider sentence.
  Four, Cloze 1. read through the text, the gist, which is very necessary.
  2. upper and lower to continuous, before and after to through, conjunctions of using for the line the sentence Zhijian provides has close of causal, and transition, and tied or conditions of inner logic relationship, through found and recognition conjunctions, can from macro of angle grasp articles of along the, building full text of inner logic structure, understand author of thought, finished shaped blanks through retained must mathematical of words, makes answer of people get necessary of information and knowledge.
  3. carefully, school text.
  4. to have solid language skills, there are strict logical thinking. Close to the senior high school entrance examination, conducted intensive training, will do at least two or three articles a day of intensive training, his timing.
  Five, complementary half dialog dialog is the ability to test students ' communicative English. Normal practice to pay attention to the following:
  1. to avoid his own. While answering, the language appropriately, express to be authentic.
  2. should be some of the common scenarios frequently used sentences, phrases to memorize, for example, asking for directions, the doctor invited such as regular expressions.
  3. the combination of language and thought training.
  Language is the embodiment of only language can be as fast as the speed of thought, when people can be expressed fluently and efficiently. When you answer, based on language environment and complete the dialogue.
  Six, reading comprehension, reading comprehension is in the exam scores highest in question, in the original "select fill in the blanks" on the basis of increased "answer the questions according to the passage," this new question types and further test the examinee's level of understanding. The size of the candidates ' knowledge, directly affect the score.
  1. accumulation of reading, read 2 3 essays, each essay about four or five minutes.
  2. the wider range of reading.
  3. read speed.
  4. attention to overall comprehension. Don't look up the new words through context to understand it.
  5. answering to catch key words.
  Seven, lyrics 1. read the whole sentence, context, determine the choice of words.
  2. to master 1-3 junior high school English textbooks of "Mastering" spelling.
  Eight, rewrite the sentences 1. clarify meaning, clear title to examine, understand the relationship between sentences and answers by topic.
  2. consider the problem from all sides, breaking through difficulties, attention for review.
  3. textbook of basic sentence patterns and different structures of the same sentence in English communication skills.
  Nine, composition 1. carefully scrutinize: to figure out the topic to express what, understand requirements, select the right person, there are prompts, don't miss tip words.
  2. language: use your middle school reading School of sentences, phrases, idioms. Expression to the right.
  3. minute: understanding the context, it is important.
  4. carefully check: pay attention to the tense, voice, person is consistent context, is there a plural of the word errors, spelling errors, word count requirements are met. BACK