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English dictation test for band training and 46 points

Reformed new level 46, the listening section scores jumped from 20% to 35%, and also as a percentage 35% score reading section split, score the biggest questions in the new 46 papers, its importance is obvious. All hearing tests for many "dumb" for candidates who have studied English is a "death", how to improve listening ability in the short term, for many candidates is a matter of urgency.
Author's own teaching experiences, many candidates preparing for the hearing of the review policy errors. Exams, a lot of people arbitrarily, and constantly has to do true subject. But this is very superficial and rash on English listening learning knowledge. If the exam is the superstructure, then solid listening skills is the basis of knowledge. Solid foundation, to collapse. No system can improve listening ability and blind candidates who do title, in the end always high error rates, not only to lift up and hit test confidence. And systems to improve listening ability, is the best means to dictate training, in particular, the reformed new 46 listening examinations, joined the compound dictation as necessary questions, and 10% of the big score. If dictation capability, not only contribute to the overall improvement of listening test accuracy, and can get better results in compound dictation directly.
When dictation, first select the appropriate material. Material from the genre for content, you can choose textbooks for college English texts, classic essays, essay, news and so on, in order to highlight and test pointed, you can also choose to level 46 hearing true problem in previous years, in short, but be sure to take note of the following issues:
Choice dictation material five golden rules:
1. Do not select materials with more technical terms, proper nouns.
Jargon like hard words, uncommon words not needed for most students, so the practice can be ignored. If such words more in the choice of material, no doubt to set yourself a lot of unnecessary "Tiger", affects the fluency of practice and should be avoided.
2. Pay attention to effectiveness of language material, timeliness, as strong as possible is worth practicing.
English vocabulary should not dictate outdated content. As some from masters of hand of English beauty paper, literary is is good, but may is odd years Qian creation of works, which some with Word, may modern English in the has without has, or with Word compared hard to understand, this material on only for simple appreciate, and students usually of English using situation far, on everyone by faced of exam more is no targeted, does not apply share to practice dictation.
3. Poor Foundation are advised not to use the film dialogue practice dictation.
These materials may contain too much colloquial or slang, and the speed is very fast, for English is not solid, recognition needs to be improved is difficult for students to understand, let alone dictate. For oriented 46 level of most students,, television drama works is can as listening and oral of practice material of, but premise is, don't directly dictation, should first combined Chinese subtitles put along the understand, then as Pan listening to material, simple to through listening to practice about sense, makes himself in hearing Shang habits authentic of English voice tone, and up to oral correcting sound of role, while listening to deepened memory, learning some drama in the of oral expression.
4. When you first start training, material should not be too long.
Excessive fatigue caused by lengthy, will allow exercises to lose interest. Can start with simple, short of material practice, step by step, to realize one's sense of progress and achievement, this is appropriate.  With the deepening of exercises, but slowly and gradually exposed long material. 5. Not recommended for listening to the radio show to do dictation exercises.
This is because the content on the radio can not be repeated, in case the first pass did not understand, you cannot listen to do cycling exercises. Moreover, English-only content on the radio is not recording your presentation, also means that after hearing can't seem to answer this little to actually improve the ability to help. Recommend the use of tape or MP3, which according to each need repeated listening, and the material must be equipped with recording your presentation.
With appropriate training materials, drill also quite exquisite. Must have dictation sentences units. Some students to one-sided pursuit of accuracy of your dictation, listening two or three words at a time just press pause and start writing, dictation dictation sentences into words or phrases, which is not desirable. You know, like yourself really stink, reduce the pressure and finally looks nice on paper, as if dictating the correct, but no improvement. So listen to must have a global view to listen to whole sentences in what content, not what words in this sentence. 46, the author taught listening process, found that many students have such a problem: every time she heard material begins to become a problem, only hear the word, and failed to understand the overall meaning of the material, resulting in high error rate of solving problems. This is because they can only be very short English Group (such as individual words or phrases) for receiving information, once heard the long sentence, immediately before and after listening to forget. And if the practice of sentence dictation, you can greatly improve the situation, increase short-term memory, to deal with them is very helpful.
Specific training can be carried out according to the following steps:
The first step: a Word to hear it again, request ourselves strictly that heard the word constantly recorded. If there is written down or not sure, leave spaces first, then listen again. Basically one sentence can repeat three to five times (according to trainers themselves may be), if there is some five times has been unable to overcome, just on the back burner, listen to the next sentence. So step the whole material heard.
Step two: control recorded version, written not before, or the wrong part of the circle, and analyzed. 46 common mistakes candidates often have two reasons: first, did not listen to the words it is not really known, repeated he hadn't; or when listening to familiar, but spelling error, then took advantage of the opportunity to answer the words by heart. Impressed by this word, the effect is absolutely superior to memorize vocabulary book; the second, reflect many students to the author in a practice dictation, listened to did not understand a Word, but in the end the control of the original look, know right away--is his words back, but consciousness is not to hear. Why do some words will be read and don't understand it? Most likely because candidates for the pronunciation of the word misunderstanding. The word such as lamb, little lamb, the last letter b is not pronounced, but many candidates in the accumulation of words, always thought that b is read out, so the pronunciation of the word it left the wrong impression. Just imagine, as you dictate, candidates from the standard of pronunciation, it's sure to be heard in the recording, and the sounds and memories of the word lamb for you not, naturally, did not understand.  In that case, you should immediately listen to the recording again, and repeat, correct their pronunciation, you won't make the same mistake. See, it's not just exercise itself, analyzing the answers of many interesting method of learning. This reminds the author to the TCM inside the "scraping"--it is based, with Horn comb dipped oil blowing back and forth in patients swab, after shave, will show red spots on the back, that is, traditional Chinese medicine, said "the fever". Doctors diagnosis according to the locations and characters of the fever. We practice dictation, and circle the error on part of the original, so that their weakness in presents, and scraping is a truth.  This can help us discover and determine your own old English is not high "cause" where on Earth, and then "apply"-back words you don't know the words, spelling unfamiliar written spelling, pronunciation correction of incorrect pronunciation, and full consolidation of its listening base. With a solid foundation, then do the test's questions, naturally confident, clear thinking, accuracy is also expected to increase. Thus, capturing 46 hearing is no longer a distant dream! BACK