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For composition in the exams occur "smarter" Internet buzzwords such as deduction

Web words can occur in life, but does not allow for composition in the exams on the volume, even if the "force", "smarter", "hurt", "wood" such as "familiar" Internet buzzwords are as wrong points, network symbols such as smiley faces, crying face at the hands of reading teacher will also be "treated equally".
  Smiley crying face symbols were banned on June 7, the first working day after the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, will enter the annual college entrance examination in the autumn time. In parallel with the candidates to prepare for the college entrance examination, 2010 Shanghai Chinese college entrance examination marking Center team leader, huadongshida Chinese Professor Zhou Hong cautioned that although students in the use of network composition language, can enhance the vividness of writing, but not all scoring teachers are aware of these terms, marking groups is impossible to categorize existing Web language, and provisions which can be used which are not available.
  Zhou Hong recommends that candidates don't rush to use such words in the volume of college entrance examination. In addition, some network symbols such as smiley faces, crying face, as well as foreign words, or inclusion in the composition.
  It is understood that the composition in the exams for every wrong button a part of Shanghai, deduction of three points so far.
  How can composition in the exams for the conception of composition than the topic itself high marks in it? Zhou Hong said, first of all, try to write their own style and, secondly, in the conception of composition than the essay itself. Candidates to analyse the reason of writing and analysis of personal factors and age reasons, such articles have a deep, smooth, and play.
  Candidates thought to have written a composition of outspoken to attract eyeballs, but if I criticize the negative be offensive to the reading teacher, so some fear afraid, and finally play. In this regard, said Zhou Hong, such fears need not, candidates can criticize all kinds of negative social phenomena, as long as the bottom line, just not too far.
  Zhou Hong pointed out that good composition is usually in line with the "three interesting", or "reason", "fun", and "interest", that is, both rational and emotional, there is a certain mood. BACK