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Tutor select question 18

1 q: professional teachers VS students tutoring tutoring should choose?
A: some parents think that children face, the college entrance examination in critical moments, sure to please the teacher checks, usually grade students can, this makes some sense. Teachers have teaching experience, accessible, understanding of college students student can tell of their own learning experience for students, both have their own advantages. But neither teachers nor students, as long as the students love, passion, personality guidance for students, will be able to achieve the same effect.
2 q: one-to-one tutoring VS group tutors, how good?
Answer: suggest a one-to-one tutoring. Each student's learning ability, intelligence and its efforts, family environment, ability to accept all different and if the groups tutor, a teacher at the same time to tutor students, imparting the same level of learning content, will not solve everyone's problem. Group tutoring has advantages such as low fees and students communicate, but poor students could not understand, or not to go.
3, q: tutoring through what institutions?
A: it must be approved by the Commerce, business tutor qualifications within institutions. Never without a license without a license, or the no tutoring business scope and qualifications "pheasant" tutoring company, once the tutor is not ideal, no channel of complaint.
4, q: counselling VS 2 or 3 times a week service every day, how good?
A: 2-3 times, each time for about 2 hours a week worked best. Daily coaching, digestion and absorption of the student spaces are crowding out and once a week is not ideal, students absorb information 3, 4 days have a repetitive, the effect will be the best.
5 q: freshman, sophomore VS junior and senior, which is better?
A: some parents are junior and senior student of superstition that they experienced, and my freshman and sophomore "tender", but it isn't. Freshman and sophomore students out of high school life is not long, of elementary and high school curriculum are more familiar with, tutor high enthusiasm, better; junior and senior students who leave high school long basics to forget more, and upon graduation began to channel your energy into looking for work or other service, enthusiasm for the family decreases.
6, asked, the college entrance examination on candidate training VS private tutoring, which way is better?
A: some basics, comprehensive quality of students, doesn't have to be in training, he can spend time on the past question papers on simulation training; available on the middle reaches of the students may wish to take into the course can play a role in Sprint; for poor students, the best one-on-one training, may play a role in jumping.
7, q: College student tutors, students must be related? Whether we should invite undergraduates?
Answer: not necessarily. Each professional knowledge of students in secondary schools are the same, so supplement math, English doesn't have to be a mathematical system, students of the English Department, not necessarily must be undergraduate, because students may know more about the student's weaknesses, and students with good grades may not tutor is doing well.
8 q: teacher tutor or course comes with exercise, good paper, or a student from their school learning content good?
A: best not to bring their own learning materials to students. One can not solve the problem of students, but also will add to the burden of students, students walked into the title battle errors. It's dominated by students from their school papers, model question, what you want. Appropriate reference extra-curricular past question papers.
9 q: teachers, college entrance examination students are sure to please the propositions?
A: some parents are blind faith in this teacher, that asked them to counselling, acceptance rates, sure, but it's not. These propositions of the previous teacher, and each exam is different, examination of the topic in the future, they have no idea. Master the basic knowledge, questions and flexible use, by analogy, is the key to get a good grade.
10, q: 2, grades have improved after 3 months of tutoring can terminate a tutor?
Answer: you can't. Tutors help you like a cane walked part of the way, improve the interruption may occur immediately after landslides, should continue for some time on the basis of guidance, student performance and stability and then "relax" is better.
11 q: long-term (2, 3) relies on tutors, please?
Answer: not so good. After six months, one year tutor, students should develop stable after his ability to learn. Don't let him rely on inertia as a tutor, because in college students ' self-learning ability is the most important.
12, asked for one or two weeks before the exam tutoring effective?
A: it is not valid. Tutor to take a stage generally lasting 2-3 months to bear fruit, because learning is the process of accumulation of knowledge.
13, asked subjects, and is a once-a-week good? Several times a week is good? Account number and arrangement of what is reasonable?
A: generally speaking, the best lessons to aid 1-2 times a week, if 3 tutorial lessons, preferably 3-4 and counseling every other day for a week. If counseling once a week, 3 subjects every subject just entering the State, not up to the desired effect.
14, asked the contents of some junior high school students with poor academic results and even primary schools are available, how to repair?
Answer: it should be "two up". Up grade now, and added content in the past, cross, works best.
15, ask: in what way can test results as a tutor?
A: each teach 4 or 5 times, and give students a unit self-test coupons, and handed over to parents, by parents to act as supervisor, monitor effects as a tutor.
16 q: within 2 hours of tutor time, tutor enters what state?
Answer: 2 hours 2/3 time should be the teacher's explanation, interspersed with the questions of students, exchanges, relocation exercises after a first explanation, steps. To students ' questions.
17, the asks: training courses VS small family, which is better?
Answer: small family generally refers to the 2, 3 person, able to solve unresolved personal issues on the students ' classroom, the effect is good. Lectures on a collective training course is a bit like school, and group tutoring, teaching is basically a duplication of content in the classroom, the effect is reduced.
18, asked: what are the wrong way to tutor?
A: one of, within 2 hours of the problem and are transformed into "sea" tutor; second error, a teacher's exercises, not according to the student to develop parenting plans; error ter, teachers to explain, not some necessary exercise, to test results as a tutor. BACK