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Parents keep in mind: the more you meet the kids he don't love you

Target is the sense of responsibility and love. Attitude is respected, implemented methods is trust.
At one point, a pair of parents heard the students approach, through friends found me, I hope that I can help their children. Basic introduction first I let the parents of young children, parents said, current academic performance is poor, and children are generally not studied. I asked the children in other areas, parents say the child has a good brain on the economy, from card games to earn 1000 Yuan, and very concerned about their daily business and turnover. I asked him about life issues, parents said their child had not done anything, contact friends is also very simple. Is very concerned about the economy, and parents working, because my father was leading, so someone came, and the children are very familiar with operations, engineering manual. So parents first worry about grades, second to worry about a child's mind is too social. After about 1 hour of telling, I summarized the characteristics of parents on children in the process of, 1. they refer to the number of their child is very smart I lost count. 2. they did not express themselves in the education of any shortcomings, but said he had enough attention for some time. 3. they only care about their children's academic achievement, life style requires little, or simply to not steal Rob not violent. 4. how much economic and social awareness for the children to feel happy, completely unaware of the crisis.
When I made a preliminary judgment on children, parents want children and I see a face, I promise. But I didn't realize that I would have a very difficult dialogue. Contact process as a whole, children expressed much interest to me, which is that I am out of my surprise, because almost all my children and me. This is very unusual. It seems I'm prepared enough. In the middle of conversation, I asked a question, I asked: among the people you know, and for you, who do you think is most important? Children casually replied: no! I thought my question was misunderstood by children, I say: just so understanding my question, that is, if the world who died, you sad? No children will say: no! From his aloof expression and cold answer, I just feel the child is not very easy to solve the problem. There is a problem let me not make me so disappointed in him, is what I said, your mother used to cry because of you, and then when he asked do not believe that I was, what, crying because of what I answered. After saying so I asked him what do you think? After a while, he says one sentence: feeling a little ashamed. Although the tone is a bit light, at least I know a little, he managed to have shame. Dialogue, I also asked a question: what do you love to play? He said, no! Love to play video games! Love sleeping! I thought: so poor, even hobbies are so small!
Such a child living in a prosperous family, compliment the atmosphere did not materially impossible, spiritual meeting is also very easy to get, because no one dares to criticize him!
Such children essentially refusing to make progress, although none of the children do not want to make progress. They lack the courage to face their own weakness and laziness, they lack the confidence to overcome their shortcomings and deficiencies, they also lack the opportunities to resolve their plight.
Such children generally characterized by a lack of love. So also lack even the most basic love for their parents.
Children love their parents for two reasons, one is that their parents didn't teach them the ability to love, there is no opportunity for them to express their love, parents just give it to them, they just love to feel warm and comfortable, but they think love is falling out of the sky. Nature will only enjoy the love and not love. Second is due to the improper practices of parents and lost children's trust and respect. Feelings are always a love-hate relationship of the parents. Unstable teenage children thought, mental impulse, easy to make some stunning shocking move, also causes this. Based on this, how to expect kids to parent how much love?
Just think, if your child parents lack of love, suffering and anxiety of how concerned parents? If your child parents no love! How can parents keep the respect it deserves? If the children have no love for their parents, how do you expect him to care about the things you care about him? Children have no sense of the lack of love! No responsible person on the family, a collective lack of responsibility to its own people, a State of peoples who lack responsibility, what can you expect him to do? What can do? Such a person does not love others, if he doesn't love himself!
Fundamentally, learning was not a very fun thing, regardless of whether you need to learn, whether you have felt the sense of joy and accomplishment from learning, learning is, after all, very bitter.
I often say one thing, children are the most loyal. The adults said that credit was actually far worse than the kids. Many parents experience should be, teacher said he heard, because he took the teacher, if he refused to obey the teacher, not to mention doing homework, is that classes are too lazy to listen to. Friend works, there is a sentence saying "worked so hard all day, than the man a cigarette" talking to teachers because one of the things he talked about a day, but because of a friend's bottom line probably will waste away. If a child really suits you as a parent, there is no reason not to listen to you? Why don't you listen to your words? So even if it is bitter, but in order to get your approval and affirmation that he is willing to pay! That runs counter to why? Because he did not take it seriously! It's as simple as that!
Individual goals is their choice, parental responsibility is to develop the capability to choose personal goals! He is jealous, narrow, he will humble, cowardice, he dotes on his selfish cold. Hope he is a scientist, his scientific thinking, please, hope is a musician, art and beauty for him not just a lengthy practice.
Education efficiency and time-independent, is action, and exemplary work. Many parents are very tired, very hard and always turns around the children, you are not really annoying? Sometimes a small thing, a Word to achieve a.
A philosopher said: speaking of love, is the hen will do something! Not only to give the child love, and children learned to love! To give the child love, you must learn to respect your children! You want to let your children to respect you, you must know how to believe in children.
Our parents in the educational process of the biggest problem is the lack of effective training kids to love themselves. Any such action in order to have effect, efficiency, depends on the parents and children are able to respect and respect is to trust! With these and then learning much easier. BACK