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Rich not rich kids

"And not poor education, again can't suffer the children. "The public service advertisement has been popular. Worth mentioning is that this sentence was meant to try to optimize the education environment, improvement of teaching conditions. In fact, nowadays in some affluent areas step by step, especially in wealthy families, living and learning conditions for children has changed, and is not too bad but good better arrogance Jiao Qi grows, inert growing, so people had to exclaim: "rich not rich kid!"
Not to mention the mouth, food and clothing, and never get tired of wearing new, say these children are now using more and more upscale products, quite staggering: 40 Yuan a box set of mechanical pencils ' favor, is the normal 50 Yuan a pencil case, 200 Yuan a small bag of surprise, 300 for a set of books frequently. Store clerk described, today's high prices did not slow, few bargains, and luxury has become "fashionable".
Stationery-grade, grades will be able to follow you? Some generous young parents now, living standards have improved, simply cannot afford to let the child as their own when "eat bitterness", some of the other kids, their children have had. As everyone knows, do rather love the child, from a long-term point of view, killing the child. Prototype of the personality in children, set some obstacles make them susceptible to setbacks, spend less money, more hands-on, gradually increase the sense of self-reliance, is the child's true love is to give the child a lifetime of endless spiritual wealth. So, children feel life is hard is not easy, cherish their parents work, stimulating hard spirit, its future rectifies. United States Rockefeller is the first King of petroleum has $ 1 billion in assets of the very rich, but his pocket money to children is very tight. Taiwan Plastics magnate Wang Yung-ching asked the children early to bed and early to rise, not allowed to spend 1 cent. So rich Han teaches, click support.
By thrift and extravagant, extravagance when young starts. Parents ' Fortune, success; but should also follow the "rich" cannot but arouse people's guard. BACK