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How to face the teacher give children punitive operations

Q: recently, I found a problem, my child not so good grades, teachers in addition to normal homework outside, but also to assign extra homework to him and other students, as a punishment for poor students and lower test scores, extra jobs, the more to the left, please ask the teacher to do right? How should I let the children see the problem?
A: teacher for punishment purposes give children too much extra work is certainly wrong, this will cause a lot of damage to the child's mind. However, if your child academic performance is not very good, normal operations assigned by the teacher and not too heavy, for the purpose of deepening understanding of knowledge, let the child add some more additional jobs as long as the time to complete (including test scores as low as extra work more), is reasonable.
Parents must be good at communicating with their children, will also take the initiative to communicate with teachers, children studying the overall situation, avoid being subjective view, blindly think properly much homework is bad. Children is bad for many reasons, parents should stimulate a child's motivation. In addition, both teachers and parents have to learn to appreciate every child, give growing children to encourage, simply take a "punishment" and "boycott to punish" approach, to a child's learning progress is very negative. BACK