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Teachers to seriously study Hu Jintao and other Central leaders speech

Newspaper General news in recent days, University teachers and students across the country to seriously study Hu Jintao, General Secretary of the Central leaders ' important speech. We have said, to uplift the glorious banner of patriotism and progress in life, as an important step to study hard and practice as the only way to grow in depth and relentless pursuit of contributing to society as a good moral character, and strive to become knowledge of high quality talent.
The afternoon of May 6, Beijing Municipal Education Committee, City Board of education held the capital University learn Hu Jintao, General Secretary of the Central leaders ' important speeches seminars, Tsinghua University, China Agricultural University, China University of mining technology (Beijing), Beijing technology and business University, capital Normal University and other colleges and universities teachers and students took part in the discussion. Beijing City Board Director Liu Limin on capital education system learning Hu Jintao General Secretary, Central led comrade important speech spirit for has deployment, stressed to deep grasp Hu General Secretary speech of important content, deep awareness Hu General Secretary on contemporary youth of height evaluation, deep understand Hu General Secretary close combined current situation on youth students proposed of four points hope, further clear bear of duties and task, consciously put thought concentrated to based post, and hard learning, and strenuously work of actual action in the, Central to the capital requirements of the development of higher education and work.
On May 5, Beijing Normal University people, teachers and students gathered together to review the May Fourth spirit, Central leaders ' important speech. The University Party Committee Secretary Liu Chuansheng pointed out that today, 90 years after the recall movement, although age, environment, history, conditions have changed a lot, but not exactly is the May Fourth spirit, this spirit on every Chinese person is eternal. Beijing Normal University teachers and students to to "to youth of I, create youth of national, and youth of national" of firm faith, remember Central led comrade of originally, promote May Fourth spirit, Yong Dan history task, firm patriotism faith, and serve country, hard learning, and concentrated study, courage to practice, and outreach, has strongly dedication social of consciousness, practice line "learn for people Division, and behavior world fan" of motto spirit, became national construction of pillars.
On May 4, commemorate the 90 anniversary of the report of Jiangxi province Jiangxi University of finance, Su Rong, Secretary of provincial party Committee encouraged young people remember the historical mission, belief and faith, actively practice, carrying forward the fine traditions, the courage to meet challenge, to become the backbone of the rise of Jiangxi. Jiangxi Normal University student through the holding of seminars, class meetings, and made important speech by General Secretary Hu Jintao took hold. Nanchang Institute of members and student leaders will hold a special study, clarified the significance of the sense of commitment and dedication. Students agreed that to carry forward the great spirit of the May Fourth, faith, work hard, practice-oriented, contributing to society, be an ideal, there are morality, culture and discipline of youth.
Youth day, Governor Han changfu, Jilin province, rates the Government team to the Changchun University research students ' employment and entrepreneurship and employment self-help associations and students spoke to the students. Han changfu wants college students to remember at all times 90 years ago the revolutionary spirit of Chinese young people, cherish the time at University, studying hard science, culture and knowledge of learning, and improve the overall quality, laying a solid foundation for future life path.
The afternoon of May 4, from Wuhan University, Huazhong University of science, Huazhong Normal University, where more than more than 30 Chinese universities, such as representatives of more than 80 students gathered, by the Hubei Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League organization of University students in Hubei Province commemorate the 90 anniversary of Hu Jintao, General Secretary of spirit of the important speech on May 2 Symposium. The Forum, student representatives on "patriotism, study hard, practice, contributing to society" themes, such as a heated discussion.
On May 4, the leadership and the teachers and students at Northwestern University on behalf of Hu Jintao, General Secretary of an important speech, discussed how to better under the new situation heritage, developing and practicing the May Fourth spirit. College of Liberal Arts student Huna believes that as college students, trying to play my role, to have a lack of heart, must have a dedicated spirit, to do a true practitioner of knowledge, if you want to practice, you can find the practice stage. Northwest Sci-Tech University students representative forum, students have said that efforts to carry forward the spirit of the May Fourth, bearing in mind that Hu put forward a four-point hope, based on campus today to learn skills, to society tomorrow to serve their country.
Youth day day, Harbin Engineering University School of Economics and management of student leaders held "compete to be civilized college student" theme Symposium, uncivil and disharmony of the campus, compared to find, found a note, and brainstorm presented such as the strengthening of uncivilized behavior on campus supervision and punishment, in the month to promote campus campus civilization civilization such as rationalization. After the meeting, the participating student leaders who organized a hygienic duty clearance activities, conscious waste disposal and public cleaning on campus. BACK