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Home, Bay of love

Away from home, is a difficult parting of the parabola; home, is a smooth curve, which together form a perfect circle, its Center--home.
Home and more familiar than the door, closing door ... ... these repeat episodes daily on the life stage, always gorgeous music interpretation of life until the curtain slowly went down.
Is one of the most unforgettable feeling of leaving home for the first time. Some say root, home. Wandering wandering is rootless duckweed, stranded, "all alone in a foreign land" can bear the taste; the reasons not to leave, to escape, in order to fly, or for ... ... Finally, we leave home, back packing, had sworn on the inside, and then look at the familiar and unfamiliar, and on the way don't know where extended to. Even though I know that window and watched as my eyes, just hold me back, but I still go. Go away, got tired of walking, to know to find a harbour to avoid to avoid, find the Inn and rest a while, know of feels good to be home.
Home is a circle, but how far we go, is that a point on the arc, is directly proportional to the centrifugal and centripetal force. We had ups and downs and struggles in the world, like a looking for grains in the chill wind the rain bird, feel small and helpless, then just started out warm and safe attachment. We seem to be in the home-bound, but after running away, as we love partner, home of the inconspicuous door, longs.
At the moment, home is in my heart the most soft and yet so firm conviction.
Since time immemorial, "home" Word has triggered so many people longing of the heart, and how many people bring infinite melancholy. "Where books? Wildgeese, homing to Loyang "King Cove Guest Home Home thoughts;" but I look toward home, and twilight grows dark? With a mist of grief on the river waves "Cui Hao is pursuing home and not melancholy;" home away from the date. Home Wu Men, long as Chang-Brigade "is the halal householders may not go home but ... ... Home is a keen appetite for mood, is the extension of the home. Wind and rain after the hull is carved a sea mark, the sails are torn, tank leaks, sailors also sleepy, only then realized that the weight of the word anxious, flying tired birds find their own nests ... ... For the Wanderer, care in the heart of sadness than thinking, greater happiness than back home. Push open the door of the moment, seemingly easy, but in actuality they are the weak and tired, complained of pain and injustice suffered by, and home in the familiar, long jump in my eyes, flushed with success written all over my whole heart. I like a coffee bean Lanshan, lazily rolled in boiling water and slowly dissolved......, I smell the aroma of coffee, mocha filling us; sunset came in through the window, shone in the warm, I'm pissed, I do not know is coffee, sunshine or go home? Floating on the opposite balcony SAX soulful, melodious tune, a song "come home" to direct my thoughts from afar.
Home, the Bay of love home, is the witness of love and to be loved family, is a combination of the most passionate in the world.
In this thought and go in reincarnation, she was deeply imprinted in my mind. BACK