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Personalized job: change in students ' learning methods

"For the poem with pictures", "this month I headed", "purchase plan", "the school I plan for the future", and students to make your own cards, decoupage and craft ... ... Personalized homework Kuancheng district, Changchun City, Jilin province, not only improve pupils ' interest in learning and practicing skills, and change the teacher's traditional way of teaching and learning methods, promoting changes in teaching and learning.
Shuai is iron bei er road primary school students in Changchun City, winter, his school, chose "I this month alone" winter operations. He is alone with MOM or purchase Home supplies and overhead, a month later, when he merged into expenditures by project statistics diagram, I found myself a month's food costs accounted for one-third of the total expenditures of the family. He was surprised, and wrote in the job: "wrong I do not know much expensive, I realized MOM and dad worked hard, I must buy less food and more to help parents do some housework. "Wang shuai's mother said:" with this personalized job, seemed to have grown up all of a sudden, wiser. "
Kuancheng district, Changchun City elementary school to break the traditional text repetitive or boring homework for students homework assigned the rich content, new forms of personalized, hoping to change teachers ' attitudes and the way students learn. Many students, like Wang shuai, not only completed the teacher personalized homework, and showed flexible thinking and developed imagination.
Tie bei er road primary school teacher Michael Yang said, used to ask for a headache, because there are always a few kids with bad, or deal with. And now the children not only like to write, and scrambling for teachers to see, some children still persist, change is really big.
Nanjing, Changchun elementary school second-grader Yin Keyao shouchao job took his show to reporters, there is Word from the General article to read, appreciate, world traveling, animals, and so on. Says he especially likes this personal work, this job can finish anywhere, anytime, and students can appreciate each other. Grade six Dou Xintong said: "most of the previous work by rote, without their personality and interests. "
Teacher training schools, Kuancheng district Vice President Chen believes that is the core of the new national curriculum reform to the development of student-oriented, cultivate students ' practice ability and innovative ability. Job changes brought children to the amusement park of a practice, brought to the experience of a test site. Children's feelings, through changes in jobs, into jobs to really experience the joy of learning.
Personalized job not only makes students ' personality has been publicity, capacity training and academic performance is also improved. Parents Yu Guofeng told reporters that at first he was very worried about personalized job can affect a child's learning, or even have thought stop with individualized homework. He checks on several occasions when children learn, found children's study not only unaffected, and learning than ever before, learning initiative, and extracurricular knowledge increased quite a lot. Dou Xintong's mother told reporters that the personalized homework, daughter from the overall quality is improving a lot, learn more interested, learn used to be dead now is responsive, and lively than before.
Kuancheng district, Changchun Education Bureau Deputy Director Zhou Hong, said operation mode change will become the school's new curriculum standards change the way of student learning breakthrough was learning by children in the process of doing homework, learn to collaborate, learn, this is the change of curriculum reform.
Reporter also learned in the interview, all teachers in individual assignment, but also some traditional jobs. Yang Yubao believes that traditional job is necessary, must rely on traditional jobs to some teaching objectives achieved, things like memory, text thing, it has irreplaceable value independently. Advocates work to change the way is to make operating structures more diversified, so as to enhance the students ' comprehensive qualities. BACK