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How to improve the students ' interest in learning English

English is a living language, dull language. How to motivate students to improve students interest in learning English? As an English teacher I think must be the following:
1, love and patience is another prerequisite for poor conversions.
English vocabulary, especially the new textbook vocabulary more, plus lots of sentences and phrases to memory, students learn in itself difficult, so our teachers give more love and patience. We should have done "better to love, have more scars to pity. "As long as each teacher to each student the confidence and emotional sincerity, love and patience. Will be able to achieve better teaching purposes, receive better teaching results. English teachers have been recognized by students, student motivation to learn if a teacher a student on the station to the platform on this section are disgusted, even daunting, how can I learn it?
On took I taught of a (1) class of students for's, due to I school by at Township, so just rose into junior high school on English completely is a blank, on even 26 a English letters are cannot debate recognize, just began Shang first class to they told has learn English of importance and how learn English this section, let they first has a clear of learning purpose, correct has learning attitude after, I and on they for has patience, detailed of teaching, in first times quizzes Shi most results also can, but has minority students results than poor, Class I, Comte. Wei Lu, classmates, after the first exam, I found that they lost confidence in learning English, so I called these poor students to dorm private exchange of ideas with them, found them a few of you say: "poor memory, remember the words more difficult. "And then I taught them" the worm "method, and remember the words of some cabinet doors, as well as to reduce their demands, from the original one-off memory into each unit once every six dictation, since they think memorizing words is more relaxed, then gradually rise in English, therefore, increased performance in the exam a second time.
2, let the students clear learning objectives, good learning attitude.
Many parents and students believe that learning English is useless, I didn't go abroad, just learning the mother tongue is enough, but today, they are simply not aware that reform and opening up, how important it is in English, many foreign investment and import and export large quantities of goods requires the use of language to communicate, does not have the correct language and how to communicate it? Therefore it is imperative to learn English, as an English teacher, above all, students should make that clear.
3, how to use teaching methods, the class atmosphere.
English language itself is kind of boring, so we English teachers studying teaching methods, deep drilling materials to liven up, improving the quality of classroom.
How to use teaching methods, classroom atmosphere? I think that we should use proverbs. proverbs. ballad. puzzles and games to stimulate the rise of new junior high school textbooks should do it.
As I was teaching junior high school (lower) unit of "Why do you like koalas?" When I used the song to help them memorize the words: "Tiger. Tiger Tiger, Panda. Panda Panda, giraffe.giraffe giraffe, lion. Lion bear, Lion, Penguin. Penguin ugly Penguin, elephant elephant trunk ... .... This will not only help them memorize the words, is also active in the classroom atmosphere in teaching this unit at the same time I ask some students to perform a variety of different animals, makes other students guess what they show are animals, so that they learn English not so boring. Through such activities, is in poor students were also interested to learn.
For example, I was teaching junior high school textbook "How much are these pants?", I asked students with different colored balloons and let them answer, answer can get a balloon, let different students to perform modelling, let the rest of the students to guess their prices in order to stimulate their interest.
4. the combination of in-class teaching and tutoring methods.
For students not simply rely on classroom, so we need to sacrifice some time outside of English teachers to coach students, careful explanation, patient counselling, tireless patience, so that they will gradually improve in English, will be more and more strong.
5. praise more and less criticism.
More praise and less criticism. On each students for are is important, especially on students more should so, general they has is progress are to praised, to encourages they learn English of confidence, General has errors of place should patience detailed of corrected, as less criticism, more praised, in they usually of job in the more to several "good" like of words, such yilai they on think teachers like they, learn English also corresponding of has has interest.
In short, as a teacher should provide students with respect and care, language and behaviors to students on probation, nourish students ' hearts. BACK