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Shenzhen family story: people who live in glass houses should not throw stones

In United States California, there was a lady who had a rare parrot. This Parrot is very beautiful, but it has a bad habit: often cough and hoarse harsh, as if filled with nasty phlegm in the throat. Hostess very anxious, hurried to take it to the vet, lest it suffer from respiratory disease.
Check results show that parrots completely healthy, no problem at all. Mistress quickly asked why parrots make bad cough, the doctor replied:
"The saying goes, a parrot. It is cough must be sent because it often hears the voice, there must be someone in your family is often a cough, do you? "
At this time, the hostess a little embarrassed. It turned out that she had the habit of smoking, so often coughs, Parrot is just cough imitating the hostess came out perfectly BACK