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Shenzhen family story II; tolerance power

Tolerance of power: Tao xingzhi's four pieces of candy as President when Mr Tao xingzhi, one brick for a male student, then stop it and told him to go to the principal's Office. When Tao principal returned to his Office, but the boy was waiting.
Tao xingzhi and pulls out a piece of candy to the student: "this is the reward you, you beat me to the Office. "Then he took out a piece of candy, said:" this is for you, I will not let you play the students, you need to stop, you respect me. "
Skeptical, the boy took the second candy, Mr Tao said: "as far as I know, you have the students because he bullied girls, you have a sense of, I'll reward you a candy. "
At this time, the boy was moved to tears, and said, "Miss, I was wrong, and students is wrong, I can't take it that way. "Mr Tao so he took out a piece of candy:" you have to admit, I'll reward you. I ran out of sugar, our conversation was over. ” BACK