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Parents question the Agency guarantees the family education agreement hidden trick

Now have a signed guarantee tutor tutoring market, which says, is to ensure that students admitted to senior high school or University, such fees than regular home two to three times, real effect? Such tutoring is common in Beijing, being complained against or prosecute cases more is more.
Tutoring services is committed, the children failed to pass the high school a full refund, but now does not give back. "Yesterday, the pan to our readers phoned to say," 40-day tutoring, I paid 18,000 yuan. "
In May this year, tests the two die after the end of Mr ban's son got his 351 points, this may not even on an ordinary high school. At a friend's introduction, Mr POON has a tutoring Center in a building in Zhongguancun. Pan going there advisory staff members volunteered to commitment to enter a key high school, if you can't go to a full refund.
"Enter a key high school, value for money. If you don't enter a key, they promised a full refund. "Mister thought about, think tutoring on cost-effective," Besides, the two sides also signed a formal agreement of guarantee, even if the lawsuit, I reason. "
Repeatedly and after confirmation of the tutoring Center, and with the tutoring services center of the Pan, the signing of the accord, on May 13 from a child class, until the night of June 25. Tutoring for more than 40 days, Mr POON paid 18,000 yuan for tuition. To the family services centre under the short-term training teachers to achieve enter a key high school, Pan, even the kids don't even go to school, and 8 hours a day with tutor at home studying.
The exam results come out, Mr POON children test score of 437 points (including sports 18 minutes). It is reported that this achievement is hard to over key school accepted the lowest line of control. Child minimum admission exam results since there are no more than high school, Mr Pan quickly to the tutoring Center request a full refund, but did not get a refund. Yesterday afternoon, reporters saw Mr ban and the family service centre of "principal outside agreement."
Agreement third article counselling fee and paid way content is: b (refers to pan Mr of children) in 2004 Beijing tests in the can reached Beijing, Chaoyang District, or, Dongcheng District district focus high school minimum admitted scores (, Dongcheng District district focus high school admitted scores to than, Chaoyang District, district focus high school admitted scores high, and to, Chaoyang District, district focus high school admitted scores for bottom line, party (the tutor Service Center) guarantee b of tests results above this bottom line). If at the time of expiry of the agreement, party b fails to achieve these objectives, then party refunds and refund conditions in accordance with relevant provisions of, refunded amount (100%) 18,000 yuan. Agreement is valid until June 25.
Pan reflects refunds of tutor service center not complying with the agreement, a telephone interview with reporters that the customer service department. He explained, we would follow the agreement "refund conditions and refunding methods." Such provisions of article: when the agreement expired, failed to meet the targets of party a, party a is entitled to test the party. Based on the test results (test with a maximum 100 points) determine a refund ratio, which provides test results to 91-100, refund ratio is 100%, test results less than 80 minutes, not 1 penny back. BACK