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Six steps to foster good habits

Step one: for example education. Model education with various education acts, various luminaries have good habits.
Step two: is the need for sustained training. Behavior must be trained, but there is a way, this kind of training is not slipping away every day, but for analysis, assessment, training, and so on. This is an integral part of it.
Step three: assessment in a timely manner, and praise. Praise, leading in many ways, the child must be timely praise.
Step four: to understand the importance of habits, we can tell a story, let children analyze case studies carried out in various ways, such as, habit makes them feel important.
Step five: discuss code of conduct together with the children. Fixed rules, class rules, developed habits training objectives, must mobilize everyone, students, parents and teachers are involved. You want to let your child says: "the habit is so important, what do I need to form a habit to one goal, even two months to cultivate a habit, a new habit, which is good.
Step six: to form a good environment for the collective. Who showed good behavior, in the class are encouraged, supported, who have bad behavior, we will object to this development of good habits of a person is very significant.
Six steps to refine each step, good habits to develop. new Beacon education many years Guide and teach children methods is committed to creating the right learning solutions to make your children happy and healthy growth of children BACK