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Remember: life-changing five sentences

In a word: excellence is a habit?
This is an ancient Greece philosopher Aristotle said. If excellence is a habit, then laziness is a habit. When the person was born, in addition to temper will vary because of the nature and formation of other basic things are acquired, is the result of family and education. Therefore, our words and deeds are a long-term commitment to develop the habit. We have formed the habit of good, some very bad habits. So from now on, we're into a good habit to make our good behavior taken for granted, it becomes second nature to us. We routinely creating, thinking, routinely do things seriously, accustomed to being kind to others, accustomed to appreciate nature.?
Second sentence: life is a process of?
The outcome, though important, but the process of doing things even more important, because the results are good, we will be more happy, but it makes our life complete. Life is meaningless, but you give your life meaning you wish to achieve, so enjoy the process of life is a kind of significance.?
Third sentence: the shortest distance between two points is not necessarily a straight line?
In the relationship between man and man, and in the process of doing things, it's hard to do things directly. We sometimes need to wait, sometimes need to cooperate, sometimes tricky. You must know the shortest straight line distance between two points, if you walk from point a to point b, and can be used directly, but all does not go, you'd better not go because there are trap.?
Last word: unless you know how to stop people knowing how to speed it up?
When I ski, the greatest experience is to not stop. Just learning to ski without a coach, results slipped from the top down, is actually rolled down the mountain and fell a lot right. Finally I practiced how to stop on snow, slopes. Practicing for a week, and finally learned to stop on any slope, gliding, and then stop. This time I found I could ski. Because I know that if I want to stop, and stopped in a single turn. As long as you can stop and you will not hit the tree, hit a rock, hitting people, you will not be killed. Therefore, only those who know how to stop, didn't know how to speed.?
With the car analogy, 200 kilometers on a BMW, Chery is only 120 km, and why? Engine estimates comparable gap in brake systems, on the 200 km can't brake!?
Last word: giving up is a kind of wisdom, defect is a favor?
When you have six apples, don't eat them all, because you eat all six apples, you've only got six apples, ate only one taste, it is an Apple flavor. If you took five of six apples out for others, although you lose five apples on the surface, but in fact you get five other people's friendship and goodwill. You can get more in the future, when other people have other fruits when will share with you, you will get an orange from the staff, that staff get a PEAR, you might end up with six different fruits, six different flavors. People must learn to use what you have for your more important and rich stuff. So, to give up is a kind of wisdom.?
Greatest pleasure in life is to fight to get what we want, so we can further perfect defect means, scarcity means that we can further efforts. When one lacked for nothing when he was deprived of living space. If we wake up every morning and feel something lacking, feel that they need more perfect that one is seeking, it is worth all the happy things to cherish all ... .... Learn to treasure

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