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Service charters

in order to ensure the quality of tutors and teachers, students and the interests of the home network, and preserve the good reputation of extracurricular lesson tutor network, developed this service Charter.
Students ① SI Rui tutoring to all students free of charge.
② students can seek our faculty through three ways: direct telephone contact us requirements for teachers. Phone tells us (or click on student services online customer service) your phase of instructors. Students registered in the company information-let us help you find qualified teachers.
③ company information training according to the registration requirements as much as possible to fill out detailed, accurate and authentic personal data. Especially contact telephone number, must be correct. Complete error message and unable to serve you, family education network assumes no responsibility. Registered students with tutoring request information within the 24-hour Web site staff will call back again to confirm and consult your specific requirements. Help you filter down to the best teachers within two business days.
④ students tutor for the first time, parents have the right to ask our teachers to produce three basic card (ID, certification, teacher certification and other documents to prove their identity). May also require the teacher Free Demonstration. Did a satisfactory, tutoring free agreement between the parties related to matters such as time, including salary, content and so on. Speak not satisfied, we will continue to provide you with a teacher, until you're satisfied.
⑤ in the tutoring process, if the student has any learning requirements please do not hesitate to communicate with teachers. If our teachers have any dereliction of trainees for the first time, please inform us, we will do our best to coordinate everything for you, including the replacement of teachers.
⑥ tutor later tracking services, such as the academic performance of the students change we will serve as an important basis for the teacher assessment, lead them to tell.
Teachers ① SI Rui tutoring for all teachers to provide free registration.
II teachers must have higher education qualifications of a university undergraduate, graduate, or national formal registration of primary and middle school teachers qualifications and many professionals.
③ teachers registered in this site must provide detailed personal information. Fill out all the negative consequences caused by the false information shall be borne by the Member. Registration information is incomplete, does not recognize, the company staff to remove the teacher information.
④ SI Rui tutor registered the basic situation of a certain degree of verification of certification. Ensuring instructor qualifications authenticity.
⑤ appointment teachers home tutor for the first time, it is best to take to prove his identity and capacity of the relevant certificate. Three certificates (ID card, certification, teacher certification, etc), college students teacher with student card.
⑥ appointment teachers must arrive on time, conscientious, patient counseling students. Always pay attention to the teacher. Honest, law-abiding, role models, don't do anything to violate national law and public morality. Due to the teacher liable for any adverse consequences arising out of acts by the teachers, and outside of lesson tutor network business.
Sadly, teachers must fully uphold the family education network's reputation any harm the image of home network is strictly prohibited. Otherwise it will cancel this site teachers qualification. Conditions, the company has the right to compensation requirements for my Web site, and to hold teachers responsible.
⑧ disputes if the instructor and trainee, please get in touch with tutor network, we will do our utmost for you to handle.