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Class: parents into errors

Four or five children, most parents would give interest in this or that class, to develop children's literacy. Indeed, children at this age are beginning to learn some stuff is good, but daughters sometimes parents can't help but go into another misunderstanding. Stop and think, which errors you have been or are being walked into the ... ... Myth: only results, ignoring process which parents pay more attention to their children learned the piano tune; painting parents focus only on whether to draw a complete picture; abacus parents pay more attention to whether children are quick; parents pay more attention to whether children learn to dance learn to dance full of dancing ... ... Looking only at results, whether children are putting enormous pressure on teachers. In fact teach the children, the learning process is more important than the result. In the process of learning, could move their multiple organs, multiple feels, cultivate abilities. For example, learning to play the piano, hand-eye coordination of the ear is very important, patience, perseverance, ability determines if he can learn to overcome difficulties, and sense of achievement through their own efforts to overcome difficulties made him feel good. Through in the quality of the learning process of the child, the parents may not see, but profound impact on the child's future.
Again, in the process of learning, may just be a section in the learning some basic skills, such as dancing, a dance practiced for a long time, parents feel their children did not learn of the serious, but in fact, basic skills training is for children to complete jump off the whole dance and lay a good foundation. If not solid basic skills, to a certain extent may learn anymore.
Myth II: interest groups as fair on the weekends, not parent time some parents don't mind spending money on weekends for children and an interest in a class, English, film and television acting, piano, roller ... ... The kids and parents are busy along. Kindergarten last week didn't have much time to spend with their children, and on all weekend classes.
Children at this age are inseparable from the family, together with their parents, are the Foundation of their normal psychological development, if we ignore children's psychological, as well as the exchange of affection, you will discover that children become disobedient, temper, and so on. Easy psychological barriers with their children in the future, it is difficult to communicate.
Moreover, blindly give them various interest classes, easy fatigue, boredom for children. He might know a little bit about everything in the future, but which are not essential. Better to select only one or two key learning, learning to learn other projects. Which projects the children on special had the potential, you should always take the time to focus on training.
Myth number three: kids imposing their ideals on some poor parents as a child, no conditions to achieve the ideal, and since I had my child, put ideals in children. As a parent, all English has always been his dream, he'll let kids learn English in English class, and result slightly bad is a source for the criticism.
Child is an individual, he has his own ideas. He knows what he likes dislikes, if adults are imposed they are interested in a child, let the children assume the parents ' wishes, that child's burden is too heavy, children learn is a painful process. Therefore, should respect the child's interest for him to choose something of interest, interest in the subject, children learned fast and well. Their ideals and their parents, or their own efforts to get close to the target!
Mistake four: think that sitting in a classroom is the real learning, neglected education in some parents ignore their ability to live, that only take their children on this class, that class, let the children stayed in + sitting in a Chair listening to the teacher, is the real learning, knowledge of life but turn a blind eye.
In fact, time with children, use of water and Sun will be able to do some scientific tests, such as gather sunlight using mirrors, lights a match; put iron and plastic in the water, observe the buoyancy of water; these are learning. Take the kids into nature, he observed a change in the weather, streams, its understanding of the use of animals, plants, and this is a lesson in how fun and exciting nature is!
Pay attention to children's education, is undoubtedly the most worthwhile investment, but you can't invest blindly ignores the child's feelings. Since it is a class, it must start from the interest, as long as the child is interested, independent learning, happy to enjoy the fun of learning. BACK