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Prepares for the Rose: thinking now

Parents concerned about "up" enthusiasm is as much as the college entrance examination, in recent days, primary six students a new MOM shows her "plan early prepares for the rose": let kids get all kinds of certificates, students review the arrangements of time, very comprehensive, and very "professional". In early April this year rose consultation sessions, and one-third are in grade three, four students and their parents. So, in order to meet up early, most of what needs to be done to prepare parents and students? When should I start preparing? New thinking of school this year, "little six" 85% per cent students admitted to four, seven or nine, outer, external and other key middle school, how they have "up" strategy?
School selection of not students, is efficient thinking 2010, City Bureau clear proposed small rose early exam cannot appeared any and Austrian number about of content, with of and to of is end of announced of canceled small rose early exam of policy introduced, time in primary school family instigate, students happy has, parents easily has; however, this year small rose early policy of delay introduced, and March China game miracle like of hot, let parents began again on small rose early of mode for has considerations. In fact, this year, some schools that are taking a variety of "interviews" or questionnaires, or scholarship test, then the school assessment of what? In an interview, school experts say that new thinking: in fact, school selection is not math itself, do not want to use the problem got a large number of students, but in the selection of thinking ability of the students! Only thinking ability of the students also will lay a junior high school graduation rates, creating a school education myths. This is the essence of the phenomenon behind, and this kind of thinking is not studied math, it requires training, training and long term development in order to achieve a certain degree of depth.
Change idea:
Not only to get the certificate, and also prepare for junior high school in the history of a small rise when early registration, Orsay, certificate, English level certificate or other certificate will undoubtedly become the junior high school to identify a standard of excellent students. Therefore, many parents think that participating in these training courses, the only objective is to take the card. However, experts believe that new thinking, picked just one purpose, especially math and language section, on student learning will be of great use in the future.
Judging from the junior high school, after Olympic training of children's learning ability and academic achievement than untrained. So, to set up not to take of the Olympiad, only to lay foundations of mathematics learning math concepts. In the process of preparing for, and adhere to the fundamentals as the Center, accurate hand training in one hand and correction revised, do not let the children suffer from "game".
Panic Olympiad in primary school, secondary school panic languages. Primary schools, language examination results the vast majority of the children in more than 90 points (out of 100), after entering junior high school, most parents were surprised to ask: what has happened to my child's language? Even got the 120 points? (Out of 150) for junior high school students are the same, can get 120 minutes is a good student. How to learn languages? Experts believe that new thinking: keep reading, extract, make comments and reviews. Reading widely, adhere to the extract is effective way to lay a solid language skills, read comments and reviews are an important way to improve reading comprehension. Language results are not built in a day, but also the most difficult to break through and the advancement of science, in tests and exams known as "world languages" in the world, so that, in the run-up to a small rise at the beginning, don't neglect or abandon language learning and accumulation.
Criteria for selection from top universities to study mathematics, languages impact on students ' learning of junior high school, prepares for the rose is not just for the exams at the beginning, more important is to help students develop effective thinking. It is reported that the training has formed a new school of thinking and efficient thinking from the third grade to six, complete system, its significant effect has been in the history of a small rise in early testimony obtained in the examination. BACK