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Rose interview examination policy

The first: to build students ' confidence. Often praised in life, often with praise or to encourage the children to help children become confident, it will not only alleviate students ' psychological tension in various types of exams, can give students a dynamic learning and cognition, help them up early or even normal or usual tests of the entrance examination in the future.
Secondly, children contact extracurricular knowledge as much as possible. Up early examination is a test of comprehensive ability of children, which include not just cultural knowledge assessment, including natural sciences, economic and cultural aspects of knowledge, so in the daily training of children of parents must be conscious as much as possible to help children expand their horizons, so that children can be dabbling in every aspect. Third: pay attention to cultivating children improvisation of practical abilities and social skills. In daily life, the best method is to cultivate students ' thinking and understanding of their living environment and social capabilities, full development of students ' ability of judgment, knowledge use think, exchange students and elders to be polite. Part IV: arrange the student's schedule. To grade six, many parents will start up early and anxious for their children, so will virtually increase the amount of a child's learning and homework, in fact, doing so is not good, a good tutor network proposals should try to arrange students ' schedules, scientific learning, healthy life. BACK