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Appreciation of the composition: the sudden cooling

Autumn arrived, the temperature suddenly dropped in Nanjing, summer heat does not exist, it seems that winter will soon be here. Waking up, I feel it's so cold, the family is full of mist on the window glass, and everything outside was not clear. Morning becomes particularly difficult, the quilt as if a magnet, how could not climb out. I'm wearing clothes and more, yesterday also wear two pieces of today, were in and out in five shirt.
Coming downstairs, I was greeted a stream of cold, icy cold, like a bucket of cold water poured on my body, straight from the seams to drilled. I severed the neck towards the drill in the car. Riding bicycles, electric cars are put on a thick coat, some even wearing a down jacket. They frowned, pinched neck, pursed, opinion, autumn's first large cool to make people uncomfortable. Pedestrians on the road are wearing thick clothes, put on a scarf, curled up, walking in the cold wind.
A gust of wind came, roadside France plane was swaying blew, the leaves are not so green, the wind blows, the leaves will fall off, flutters with the wind alone. Roadside grass bent back, into a ball and each other to keep warm. Autumn is so outrageous high-handedness and nearly all life away, leaving only the sweet-scented osmanthus sister girl and Daisy.
Go to school, a gust of wind came to me, wiping my face with cold hands. I rushed into the classroom. BACK