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Appreciation and analysis of primary school composition: killing rats in mind

A mouse couple living in a hole in the corner of the hut, since after they give birth to a litter of cute little mouse, a happier.
Time is very short but happiness: one day, a mother mouse was out looking for food for the baby, she found a delicious ham, but have not found this to be a trap-trap cage, and after she went in and never came out.
News of the mouse is a very sad, father mouse to rat cage is hate and fear, repeatedly told in the smallest and most mischievous mice Lingling: "children, don't run around! Don't be confused by delicious, rat cage is too dangerous, if trapped inside could have been killed! "" Do! Know! "Ling ling nodded vigorously.
One day, Ling ling and other mice to play with, suddenly caught a whiff of heady fragrance. "What does it taste like? "She walked along the fen edge curiously sniffing, go farther. At this time, she saw a black cage is put inside a piece of bright red apples, really tempting! Lingling eagerly ran forward, to the side of the cage, she suddenly remembered Dad's orders. So she turned to go, seductive fragrance of Apple yelling to the diamond in her nose, she does not swallow swallow. Cage's really dangerous? If I'm careful, it should be fine, I try! So carefully she stretched out a leg into the cage, the door is not closed, then she slowly stretched out the other leg test, with the door is not closed. Her bold, regardless of 3,721 to jump into the cage big bites of the Apple, you can just bite, listen to "flip" a, doors closed.
Lingling panic, pushing in front of her, biting hard, but still, her "Squeaky" calling family, but nobody can hear. Looking at the outside world, think of my father, Lingling shed tears of regret. BACK