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Always wanted to sing a song for you junior composition

Jean Valjean, the hero in my heart, when I settle down when you are always in my eyes, you are like a mighty wind, awakening my sleeping spirit, inspire passion most pure love and lasting, in my hands and gently heal hearts when float to the surface ripples, total anti-not want to sing a song for you.
Years fuzzy has memory, vaguely you from distance gently to go to, for see has road next hunger of children and shocked, you weathered of forehead Shang seems to and more has article wrinkles, after vicissitudes of gray sent shoots in trembling, let people a inexplicable of distressed, that double was for years erosion and full calluses of like dry branches of hand from bag in took has a small of poor of is is only of a dry hard black bread, you too clear has, if you will this food sent to out, you will hungry Shang days, but no doubt of is, You does no thinking to on will food sent has out, then, you a step a step disappeared in diffuse has sky of sunset in the, walking is not resounding of, but in I seems, is is powerful, because you in I of heart Shang only out has a series perfect of footprints, Jean Valjean, you this cute of people son Ah, let I for you sing a first "kind Chung" good did? Despite its lyrics are beautiful enough ... ... Often sitting on the worn piano room, his hands in between black and white, jumping, thinking in black and white licence. Close your eyes and let Beethoven's sadness, melancholy of Chopin, Mozart's reserved collide, makes metal embrace like noise. The Ding Dong Ding Dong lost River, in this restless afternoon in midsummer more sarcasm, I'm weak cries were loud, passionate voice over. Oh, Jean Valjean, it was you, my soul friend, what are you to me? --"Try to make fewer mistakes, is the point of the criterion and never make a mistake, it was Angel's dream. "I remember it clearly, it's you love the signpost! Jean Valjean, the hero in my heart, how can you always give me advice like a wise old man. The journey of life is tough, perhaps only experienced twists and turns in order to decorate the happiness and joy, to interpret and unyielding and fearless, my understanding and the ecstatic, all sorrow was hit, burst through the doors ajar, a vast expanse between heaven and Earth. Jean Valjean, you lovely people, son, let me sing you a song, "Ode to wisdom", please? Despite its melodious tunes is not ... ... I love the muddy following rain over the countryside with winding paths, more interested in the little wooden house at the end of the path, when I was not desirable, I would come here-to visit a spider. Spider? Yes, it of life is weaving network, it from no gave up had, dang wind like a insolent of guy as a put destroyed spider hard of worked Hou, spider do of not complained, not anger to curse, but silent of again again to, whenever then, I always rises a unit angry of mood, but soon on was helpless instead of, Yes, we cannot around life, but we also cannot was life by around Ah! Suddenly a familiar, familiar with, Oh, I see, it's also Ran A tell me about your life right? Please forgive me for my window to take the cane and to visit you. Also remember you, in life is end of when, you decided to saved has a revolution youth Marius, forever forget can't you pack with he in sewer in the inch hard of forward, even met has dangerous of mud, you still forced will youth lift in head, despite double leg has exhausted, but you still insisted with search stone, you insisted with, not gave up trace silk hope, little vitality, I seems to saw has a Angel, integrity of incarnation, noble of representative. I've always believed that God is blessing good people because you found the stone of help, I jumped with joy, I know that, if you died, you impressed me is that no matter how difficult, how you chose to adhere to. Jean Valjean, the hero in my heart, you see me through life, then please let me sing you a song, "Ode to adhere to" good? Even if the song cannot fully express my feelings ... ... I am not God, I will encounter difficulties and obstacles, but since the soul with you, I have always believed that I would take on all the difficulties. When I fight against waves in the sea, you made me determined to fight to the end; when pain was the bramble in the forest, you persistently ignored the wound me; tough climb on the mountain, you make me brave to climb to the top of the mountain. Jean Valjean, you like the hot sun, not only warm themselves or illuminate the road ahead of me.
Jean Valjean, had dash Shi, I too wants to for you pen, but I fear, I fear I this poor of rhetoric bear not up feelings of weight, more fear hands of my clumsy writing grievance has you through of years, but I eventually also is Xia has pen, because I to prepared a first song, I wants to loud sing lyrics, let world know you, understand you, understand you; I wants to let this melody sing again across. Carrying the song wings, I want to be like the arrow before moving in the distant shot, do not stay a moment longer, because time does not allow me to stay. BACK