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My grandparents grave flowers junior composition

Beautiful flowers, you once again bloom, day after day, year after year, why do you have a steady flow of vitality? Every time you open an instant, always reveals the bottom of my heart that the most beautiful, the most precious memories, thank you, lovely Marigold!
Remember when I was 11 years old that summer, I went to my grandmother's House. Grandparents can see I am very happy, especially my grandparents because my grandfather loved me. He is often in the summer under the stars, put his arm around me and stroked my hair, and I have taken the trouble of counting the stars in the sky ... ... Grandpa usually like to play with some flowers, in many plants, Grandpa was only like a few pot Marigold. Every time it rained, and my grandfather was always rain that Calendula first moved into the House. I once asked my grandfather: "Grandpa, why are you so love this flower pots? I think they are not a good look. "Grandpa and patted me on the head:" fool, not only those gorgeous flowers are nice, some flowers with a special temperament. Calendula has strong vitality, and make people feel very comfortable plain. After these Calendula flowers, there is some new seeds, the seeds will fall into the surrounding soil, and germinate and blossom. And then there's the new seeds ... ... "
At that time I just think Calendula is a very common, very inconspicuous flowers.
Then one day my grandfather took me to the top of a small hill, he said he would take me to the flowers. You know, when we get there, Grandpa took out a bag of Marigold seeds. I wonder, does Grandpa do I like Calendula? But I was very happy. Grandpa took out a large hoe, and gave me a small hoe. My grandfather told me to dig holes in the ground, and then put the seed down. I bring hoes to dig, dig the hole does not live up to expectations, large and small. No one would, I appeared on the forehead of a Crystal beads, pearls, falls in the pit I sow the seeds. My sweat can irrigate the Marigold opened their own flowers? I don't seem to hate calendula, it seemed that I had to love it too!
One of the stars of the summer night.
Grandpa is holding me, stroking my hair, accompanied me to count the stars. Every time I count the stars number less than 1000 would lie sleeping in Grandpa's arms. At this point I vaguely heard my grandfather said to me: "son, when you count up to 1000 a day, representatives of Grandpa can't count the stars with you......" my grandfather thought I was asleep.
Then grandfather has been ill in ... ... And a few days later, a phone completely broke my heart--my grandfather's illness, I cannot imagine. That night, I hadn't slept all night. I came to the balcony, habit, began to count the stars. Just a warm side to rely on. I do not know how: "997, 998, 999......" I was afraid to go on, why, 1000, meaning what?
The next night, Grandpa clutching a Calendula. Finally, he is leaving his beloved calendula, gone. Will never leave me.
Later, grandfather lying in that we are sowing the seeds of land, our Calendula to accompany him ... ... And this year, my grandparents grave flowers. BACK