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Junior high school physical science paper writing

The branch of physical science as a natural science, not against the material progress and deepening understanding of human nature has played an important role in promoting and thinking on human development also has essential effects, with the development of science and technology, social progress, physics has penetrated into all areas of human life.
When it comes to physics, some students find it difficult to; when it comes to physics, some students feel that unfathomable, referring to physicists, some students feel that they are not human. Indeed, physicists who are numbered, but as long as diligent in observing, thinking, practice, innovation, from life to physics, you realize: physical on the side. As Marx said, "science is experimental science, science is to fix the sensibility material by rational methods. "
Diligent observation of Italy physicist Galileo in pizza Cathedral do week Shi, hanging in church air of copper chandelier of swing caused he great of interest, later repeatedly observation, repeatedly research, invention has pendulum of, Shi polar; courage to practice of United States physicist Franklin, for recognize gods cross of nature, in a thunder, stormy of days, risked life dangerous, using sentiment see through of kite, will "God of fire" introduction down, which invention lightning rod; dared to innovation of United Kingdom scientists Henry. Achaer go to the post office, and was beside a stranger took out a version of the new stamps, ready to cut a pasted on envelopes, suffer no knife, achaer lent, nor al notes. The outsiders had an idea, remove the PIN from the suit and tie, on stamps around the neatly planted a circle of small holes, and very neat torn stamps after outsiders leave, achaer invented the postage stamp perforating machine, tooth, born the stamp of ancient Greece, Archimedes discovered Archimedes; Germany physicist Roentgen discovered x rays ... ... Research around the lock and there are countless examples of the great achievements of the physicists.
Today, all the amazing technological achievements of mankind, without exception is established early scientists to observe and study the lock things around on the basis, in the study, we want to establish a sense of science, think big, start small. Progress in physics. BACK