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Tips for improving the writing ability of middle school students: using folk idioms

When I was in training students ' writing, students are encouraged to a large collection of local folk idioms, and promotes students proper application in writing. Practice has proved that the rational use of folk idioms can improve students ' writing abilities.
Include folk idioms, sayings, twisters, and buzzwords. Saying is civil oral common of short, and stereotypes of described sex phrases, as "carried the", and "250", and "dozen",; proverbs is civil collective created, widely oral, concise, as "cold from feet up, mouth",; twisters is vehicles, and disintegration put together and into more stereotypes of interesting statement, as "blue-and-white red astringent persimmon--see not in the eat",; popular language refers to in civil popular of reflect social of fashion sex words (including network terms), as "cool", and "soil have off slag son", and "stole cabbage",.
Complete the task from passive to Active collection, after three years, each student can collect thousands of idiomatic phrases, sorted, edited, to doors, classes, classification.
In the process of gathering, students must grasp the meaning of every idiom, including philosophy. Every time the composition class, I will pick two or three students.
Personally think that folk idioms used in writing must pay attention to three combinations:
Collection style. That combined with the expression, tone tone of the article, that is, to the occasion. To distinguish what is the expression of a certain part of the article.
Tao. That idea expression combined with the article. Students from the perspective of expression article idea, scientific use.
Collection of style. Combined with the article style, starting from the needs of a variety of genres, avoid abuse. In General, idioms frequently used writing expository, argumentative essays, narrative, fiction incrementing.
Folk idioms in scientific use in the training of students ' writing has three benefits:
Help students learn their native language, interest in language; fostering students ' correct Outlook on life and values; enhance students ' practice ability, carrying out research learning.
Has a strong practical folk idioms. It comes from practice and applied in practice, students willing to carry out researching study and participate in various forms of practical activities.

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