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Top students study skills

Most reliable factor to achieve high grades is to know how to develop my potential. Studies show that the "top" top tips to other people is not difficult to learn. According to United States educational experts and top students their opinions, mainly in the following ten items:
1, to learn first in their minds, learning is a positive thing, it was supposed to start from entertainment.
2, learn to read learn to read quickly, improve reading, learn to read a book in the table of contents, diagrams and illustrations, to advance understanding of the book, for more effective information; when active readers-continue to ask questions until you understand all the information lines.
3, reasonable arrangements later encouraged his day job.
4, memory jogging every day the way words everywhere. In the sink next to a photo of the vocabulary, learn a new Word when brushing your teeth every day; no matter how unique, one thing they agree: to ensure the time and perseverance.
5, stress level and learn about everything in reach, will be important for school supplies and materials are packed in a cardboard box or drawer, and avoid time-East West.
6, good note-taking emphasized notes of Kung Fu, often while classes while the top students remember key. Some notebook line with China in the Middle, half excerpt summary of the text, the other half down the teacher added.
7, neat writing.
8, timely questions.
9, learning assistance students often discuss homework problems, using different methods and exchange ideas with each other.
10, self test while taking notes, pay particular attention to think possible examination of knowledge class according to self examination of knowledge, and make a written answer on the eve of exams. If answers are not perfect, go back and review.
In addition, the vast majority of the top surviving a no key of "secret", that is: the influence of parents. Induced by their parents in children a love of reading, and made reasonable standards and strict requirements and do everything possible to encourage children to study hard. The Godson of a Word is: to instill responsibility, make children responsible for their own actions BACK