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Disciplines, to seize an exam

Case 1:1 can not be less "I was going to give up mathematics and I want to be, in the case of disposable time is limited, spending more time to math is a waste of resources. Then again, not necessarily useful. But I was determined to give up when the math teacher as if we saw it, and he caught me in the Office to ' batch ' had a good meal, I was impressed. "Qin Jia Jia now is the central China Normal University students in the Chinese Department, recalled his high school senior, is filled with emotion. She is a liberal arts students, and like many other arts, maths is not good, under the high school began, has been wavering on the pass line. On the senior stage, she decided that she was not a mathematical material, want to give up mathematics and devote that time to consolidate their superior discipline. It was in this moment, her math teacher came. Teacher said, he believed that Qin Jiajia is a very smart, very promising students, maths is not good, it's just temporary, don't give up on maths, to be admitted to a good University, must balance development, not less. The teacher suggested she buy a reference book, more typical questions, in the review of the start-up phase, slowing the speed of problem while doing, thinking, to answer this question: is there any other way? This problem also involved in what came to be more questions right now? Questions like this, while cumulative sense of achievement and interest in mathematics would unwittingly strengthen ... ... Qin Jia Jia to do as teachers, was very effective. She has now as my good friend math teacher, also often wrote reports to the teachers college.
Case b "find the enemy, one by one crack"
Li Qiang in their class in the "Science in the little Prince," said, meanwhile, he has nicknamed "does in English", which shows he is indeed a partial section. He said angrily: "this is IQ, mathematics and physics, I was interested and motivated to explore the issue. But I Word back, practice listening, I just can't force myself to, also with little effect. Fear most is English teacher's questions, because I could not give the correct answer. "Li Qiang believes that everyone has more or less partial section, students should be encouraged to develop their own strengths, how to learn to learn bad subjects simply don't learn. He recognized most is Han's line: "examination-oriented education and training is full of mediocrity. "Whining complaints, but not take the college entrance examination, English is also impossible to ignore. Li Qiang's goal was from Harbin, which is key, if bad grades in English, on how to get?
Therefore, after entering the third year, Li Qiang, an English tutor, is foreign language school student, came to him with English twice a week. Tutor for his plan for the review are: tutorial just picking two points at a time. Asked himself before Li Qiang in tutorial errors associated with them to find out, think about it, why is wrong? Now do this subject will not go wrong? In the teacher's words, this is called "find the enemy, break one by one. "
-Teacher Tips for disciplines to, first of all to build confidence, reduce psychological stress due to partial section, to overcome fears of weaker subjects, develop active learning habits. Some say partial section is "cask theory", so there are many classmates stare this "short Board" a desperate situation. But the fact that this analogy is not appropriate, because we have the advantage of subject does not like a bucket of "long" then no, they are important part of the total. Therefore, the most important thing we need to do is to maintain their advantage, to guarantee and only in this way can we win, because if the disciplines, even the original position is lost, the consequences will be disastrous.
In the consolidation of positions at the same time, we should be fair use review methods, optimizing each discipline review time. If Liberal Arts Science strong or weak, then doing daily exercises approach can be applied to keep the problem state, without a lot of practice to save time to recite the words, phrases, grammar and language line, more classical Chinese reading, improve the long term subject to a relatively quick type level. If it is a strong liberal arts and science weak, then Sprint should pay even more attention to liberal arts knowledge structure system combing to maintain stability. Science questions to the critical mind not blindly, that would only lead to confusion of knowledge systems. Partial section to do some typical questions, a firm grasp of subject matter knowledge of laws and principles, familiarize trunk to find out, from the knowledge of "points" and "lines" the consolidation into "surface", in the face of newer more flexible when we can comprehend by analogy, and by analogy, rather than scurry, chill. BACK