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Learn when you should discuss

In the study must not rest on its laurels and introverted, not afraid that people learn something you will, during the discussion of middle school students, students the merits of others, should do more discussions and exchanges with everybody.
First, in the course of discussion, surely accompanied by arguing, so much the better, in a debate, the brain in a highly excited state, all for their service knowledge mobilization, this discussion can enhance memory.
Secondly, the discussions can be contrasted, competition, to stimulate students ' interest, the initiative of improving memory.
Third, someone's thinking must be narrow, often with a familiar or way to solve the problem, will be unwilling to consider other methods. When we communicate together, each tell their own insight and problem-solving methods, can inspire each other, brainstorming, making repeated consideration to this problem and will leave a deep impression.
In the usual student discussion methods generally are as follows:
1, self discussion in personal learning of based Shang, to discussion of way himself and himself Exchange problem of method, often performance for asked since answer, put read, and thought, and on the has several of combined up, let learning more has effectiveness 2, research discussion according to specific content proposed has research necessary of topics, first himself independent thinking research, then mutual discussion research, last antibody summary, obtained right answers, corrected errors, to completed learning task.
3, discussions around a specific issue through consultation discussions, access to knowledge, and learning. BACK