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Senior troubles

Teacher: Hello! I am a high school student, I'm very upset!
So, I high school next semester began at noon sleep now! I also read books that related to the NAP sleep will lead to decreased concentration and learning efficiency is low. For this reason I am very worried about my quality of sleep, I don't know how to be good, sleeping at noon, head of the section's title, lives in a number of circumstances are constantly in my mind, I can't control myself, or my poor control and cannot concentrate in class. But I really have no idea, what am I going to do? Can you please help me!
Also has a thing, teacher you also know three competition fierce, so I is put a yiqian and I friendly of class students as is competition opponents, actually I does not wants to such, I has on himself said she results does not than I good, I not should to and she competition, but is can't restrain himself of behavior, I will is concern she of movements, I really of didn't want to such, I the how do to out this situation, hope you can saved saved I!
To tell you the truth, I think I am a nervous, panicked people, sometimes I lack self-confidence, will worry about something that has nothing to do with learning about, I'd like to change this situation, hope you can help me!
We're running out of time to learn, I hope you can provide me of three difficult suggestions, small woman will be appreciated, and thank you, I hope you will reply as soon as possible, thank you!
Wishing you a happy work! A happy family! --The lost lamb BACK