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Three misunderstanding of mathematics for the first round of review

The first round of review, time ago to review the process of emergence of such mistakes, affect the result of the review to a certain extent, tutor network teachers now make a point of Shenzhen, for your reference.
One of misunderstanding: the net over and over, could not focus. Round review emphasizes comprehensive, but this does not mean that all content to spend the same amount of time, regardless of focus. Review of analytic geometry, is there like a few years ago it took nearly a month of time? I think not, because it blocks content, always in the first big problem in recent years, as sending questions appear, new curriculum teaching of analytic geometry requirements are very low, the University entrance exam for new curriculum standards and can no longer appears as a finale problem solving analytic geometry problem. Study on the trends of college entrance examination, looking for is very important, to focus efforts under review, fewer training content can be investigated, myth II: trifles, blind faith reference. High school mathematics review needs some references, but the flood of information is bound to cause confusion. Reference means recommended to select good quality references, good grasp of one is enough. Also, remember, the best reference cannot play, you cannot, ignore the study of classroom lecture and the textbook. Throughout the mathematics test of college entrance examination in recent years, it is not difficult to find, a considerable number of questions is a textbook exercise direct references or slight deformation proceeds, even comprehensive questions is based on combination of knowledge, processes and development, fully demonstrated the fundamental role of the textbook.
Myth number three: the number of one-sided pursuit of becoming a problem, did not play the problem results. After entering the review stage, overwhelming a lot of questions, and we must keep a clear mind, something to do, and not for. Learning math questions wrong, but not into the sea extricate themselves to fully play the role of teaching materials in the form of knowledge, attention to typical examples of demonstrative value, to extrapolate, attention to "a problem with multiple solutions" and "problem solution" to one piece.
Mistake four: an excuse to examine, ignoring the memorizing. Many people believe that learning mathematics by understanding, cannot rely on memory, which to some extent is right, but that does not rule out on learning and memory. For example, as a high school student, should be made to learn the trigonometric function in the corner of the sum and difference formulas, twice double angle formula, you should know what are the solution of solid geometry in axioms and theorems, also should be able to find the trajectory of General methods, and so on, if these basic knowledge do not know, there is no understanding and application. Appropriate memory formulas, theorems, a typical example, a typical method for subsequent learning and capacity of sublimation would play a large role in promoting.
Myth five: strengthening individual knowledge training, knowledge networking. A round review is knowledge points of full review, but we cannot just meet on all knowledge points of master, because entrance often is in knowledge of network intersection at proposition, test of is application knowledge system solution problem of capacity, so review in the need construction convenient Yu extraction using of knowledge network, grasp good all knowledge points of inner contact, only put finishing processing had of knowledge, attached in thinking clues Shang, party can analogy, analogy.
In short, high school mathematics review should have a keen eye, paying close attention to problems arising from the review, adjust strategies, avoid misunderstanding, to win the final exam successfully. BACK