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How to play the first mathematical foundations?

Junior high school is about to start, how to play math is the first problem facing the new Shenzhen tutor network teacher with years of tutoring experience sums up effective methods:
(1) carefully explore the concepts and formulas for many students to concepts and formulas do not attach such issues are reflected in three aspects: first, understanding of the concept of just writing surface, the concept of special attention. For example, in the concept of algebraic expressions (equations are algebraic expressions represented by letters or numbers), many students ignored the "individual letters or numbers are algebraic expressions." Second, the rote learning of concepts and formulas, lack of contact with the actual topic. This cannot be good knowledge and solving problems together. Third, some students do not take the memories of mathematical formulas. Memory is the basis of understanding. If you can't remember the formula, and how can it be proficient in the topic?
Our advice: a little more carefully (observe the exceptions), a little more in depth (learn it in the title of the common test center), a little more skilled (regardless of what it appears, we will be able to freely).
(2) summary of similar type questions that work, not just teachers, our students learn to do it yourself. When you summarize the topic, the questions are classified, knowing what type, mastering what are the common methods to solve problems, what type of questions will not do, you really get the hang of this discipline can truly achieve "its ever-changing, since I firmly." This issue if not properly solved, after entering the second day and third day, students will find that some students doing exercise every day, you can drop, not rise. The reason for this is that they do repetitive tasks on a daily basis, many similar problems recurring, problem to be solved but cannot concentrate on conquering. As time passes, no topic is not, problems due to a lack of grasp of mathematics, making a mess.
Our advice is: "Summary" is the title the best way to get less.
(3) collect their typical mistakes and absence of problems students face the most difficult, is one's own errors and difficulties. But that is precisely the problem to be solved. Students make topic, there are two important objectives: first, to knowledge and skills, in the actual title of the drill. The other one is, find out their shortcomings and make up for it. This also includes two aspects, easy mistake to make and no content. But the reality is that the number of students pursue the problem, hastily deal with homework, instead of solving problems, let alone collect error. We suggest you collect your own subject of typical errors and will not, because once you are done with this thing, you realize, you think you have a lot of small problems in the past, now found out is this repeated in show; you don't know thinks he has a lot of problems in the past, now found out that several key points unresolved.
Our recommendation is: become a problem just like gold, every error is a gold mine, only excavations, smelting, will reap the rewards.
(4) do not understand the problem, found don't understand to ask questions, discuss issues, and positive to others for advice. This is common sense. But that, many students do not. There are two possible causes: first, insufficient attention to the problem, without understanding; the second is, excuse me, afraid of asking the teacher training, ask students were students look down on. Holding such a mentality, learning anything impossible well. "Behind closed doors" will only make the issue more and more. Knowledge itself is consistent, previous knowledge is not clear, learn behind, would be more difficult to understand. These issues accumulated to a certain extent, it will cause you lose interest in the subject slowly. Until you can't keep up with the pace.
Discussion is a good way to learn. One of the more difficult questions, after discussion with the students, you may get very good inspiration, learn from each other to good methods and techniques. Need to be aware of is to discuss the object preferably with its own level of students, so that we learn from each other.
Our advice is: "dedication" is based on "ask" is the key.
(5) focus on the actual combat (test) experience in training exam is a science in itself. Some students did very well under normal circumstances, school teacher a question, nothing will. Class questions. To test, the result is not ideal. This is the case, there are two main reasons: first, examinations are not bad, nervous; second, the examination time, always not be completed within the stipulated time. Mentality is not good, on the one hand want to adjust, but it also needs to go through a big exam to exercise. Each exam, you are looking for a suitable adjustment methods, over time, gradually adapt to the pace exam. Do slow problem, requires students in the usual problem solving. They do homework to give yourself time to gradually improve efficiency. In addition, in the actual test, it can consider the finish of each part in order to avoid unnecessary panic.
Our advice: "do your homework" as a test, the "examination" as homework.
Above is my junior high math problems often gives advice, but would like to emphasize is that in any way effectively is the most important, the students in the study is sure to avoid formal, must be results BACK