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How to give a mathematical "three lessons"

Interest is the best teacher, to learn math, first to take a keen interest, positive thinking, active participation in class, give full play to their initiative, pleasurable and effective geo-mathematics.
Generally speaking, the math knowledge and concept for the formation of classes, problem-solving ideas explored and summarized the law of exercise classes, abstract maths and practice of recitation. Organizing these classes to learn Mathematics, master method of learning math.
Concept class to attention teaching process, active experience knowledge produced, and development of process, to put knowledge of context make clear, understand knowledge occurred of process, understanding formula, and theorem, and law of is derived process, change rote of method, such we on can from knowledge formed, and development process among, understanding to learned it of fun; in solution problem of process in the, experience to success of joy.
Exercise class to remember "listen again than see it again, read it again than to do it again, do it again than, say it again, say it again rather than argue a defence of" says it all. In addition to listening to the teacher, and teachers to do, want to do more exercises, and to actively and boldly told his experience listening to, encountered a problem with my classmates, teachers argue arguing to uphold the truth, correct mistakes. In lectures Shi to note teacher show of problem-solving thinking process, more thinking, and more inquiry, and more attempts to, found creative of card method and the solution, learned "fuss" and "make little of" of problem-solving method, that on select problem, and blanks problem a of objective problem to seriously treats never careless, on like treats big topics as, do write; on integrated problem such of big topics may wish to put "big" split "small", to "back" for "into", is put a compared complex of problem, split into or back for most simple, and The original problem, these small, simple problem figured out, think through, and find out, then a leap further, can add up to a big problem, and that seeking out. If the capacity of this decomposition, synthesis, coupled with a solid basic skills are what rare us.
Recitation in the learning of mathematics, there must be a clear review, and gradually form a good habit of reviewing, thereby gradually learning to learn. Mathematics review should be a reflective learning process. To reflection on by learning of knowledge, and skills have reached courses by requirements of degree; to reflection learning in the involves has which mathematics thinking, these mathematics thinking is how using of, using process in the has what features; to reflection basic problem (including basic graphics, and image,), typical problem have real lane understand good grasp has, usually met of problem in the has which problem can due for these basic problem; to reflection himself of errors, find produced errors of reasons, set out corrected of measures. Prepare a math learning in the new term "medical card", usually making a mistake down to find the "causes" open "prescription," and check out often, about what went wrong, why is wrong, how to fix it, through your efforts, to test your math would not "case". And mathematics review should be carried out in the course of application of mathematical knowledge, through the use, achieve the goal of deepening understanding and developing capacity, so in the new year to do a certain amount of mathematical exercises under the guidance of teachers, by analogy, skilled, not to "practice" on behalf of "after" of tihaizhanshu. BACK