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Exam study plan

6-8 points: morning is, for most people, fatigue has been removed, the most sober, strength is abundant, is the study of prime-time. Comprehensive review of the lessons can be arranged.
8-9 points: according to the test results show that human endurance at its best at this time, it was accepted "test" a good time. Difficult critical content can be arranged.
9 o'clock in the morning-11: test shows that this time the short term memory is very good. "Rob in mind" and is about to check what a "surprise", twice.
13 o'clock noon-14: human fatigue after meals, especially in the summer. Rest, recharge, to benefit future battles. Best to rest or listen to music. But lunch not too long.
15 o'clock in the afternoon-16: adjusted spiritual vibration, tests showed that long-term memory is very good at this time. Reasonable arrangements for those "permanent memory" of things.
17 o'clock in the evening-18: tests show that this is complex calculations and comparisons consume good time for mental work. This time for doing complex calculations and hard work.
After dinner: proper arrangements should be based on each situation. Can be divided into two or three paragraphs to learning, language, mathematics, arts and science, such as cross schedule; can also give what he has decided is easy to alternate arrangements.
Here is an outstanding college entrance examination candidates the daily schedule, reference:
Get up every 6:00, 6:30-7:30 English, 7:40-9:40 math, 9:50-11:50 motor arrangement noon lunch afternoon review 2:00-4:00 chemical, 4:10-6:10 physical review; 2 hours reviewing language in the evening; the rest of the time maneuvering. In each course review, different stages with different content, read books or do more exercise, to master.
In short, based on the master plan, small block timing, we should seize the time, and there is a balanced, so as to to a better, more normal attitude to take the college entrance examination, in order to do a good job!
Third year review plans to develop a practical study plan, arrange their holidays, not anxious, down to Earth, only in this way will be effective.
Third year review plan is divided into three phases. Each stage has different tasks, different goals and different learning methods.
The first stage, is the entire first semester of high school. This time for about five months, and accounted for about half of the entire third year review time. This third year Arts review four bogey and a bogey to put aside the outline, the blind review. Every department exam the exam notes, students should follow the exam instructions clearly examine the scope and focus of the college entrance examination, review in a targeted manner.
B avoid rush, ignoring questions. Some students think that too much knowledge of liberal arts need reciting, and basic knowledge questions in the entrance examination scores are not high, so might as well give up. They do not know solve the basic knowledge, is the key to raise Arts achievement.
Three bogey fragmented system. Some students think that compared with science, liberal arts knowledge lack of systematic and logical, you can freely pick review section. Arts review should take into account the knowledge, abilities, methods of three levels.
Four cream skimming, heavy fur. Some students only paid attention to the recitation of knowledge, lack of thematic reflections, does not know where his rise.
Phase one can be called a review of basic stage. Schools in each of the subjects in the book by chapter review, we ourselves should school teachers in step, detailed review of sections. We want to take advantage of this for five months, within each subject in college entrance examination of each point is by chapter, section by section, by articles piecemeal, even verbatim review, should be exhaustive. This stage, the review should not impatient, impetuous, know that "lofty towers rise up", only this time look up short of being missed, step by step, consolidate and to get good marks in the College; only this time put the side edge along the twigs and branches where Pitchfork review, more time in the future to conquer a number of comprehensive and difficult topic.
At this stage, there is an important task, this is the third year the first semester final exam. This test is very important, it can test their semester to review results and can find their own problems to be urgently solved vulnerabilities can also give you a new challenge. So we dubbed it a "small college entrance examination". This test also has a special meaning: it is walked in college admissions, recommended, selected municipal student ... To me, reminded the high school students to learn better to pay special attention to the examination.
From winter holiday to the second phase before the first test, for about four months. This stage is the most precious time of review, called the review "a golden period". Say this, is because the review tasks during this period the most important, and should reach high efficiency of review. This stage can also be referred to as comprehensive review stage. Our task is the stage before a messy, complicated knowledge systematic, organized, find clues to one per section in the macro, which contributes to a comprehensive review. This phase of the review, direct purpose is to mock exam for the first time. First simulation education is the most important learning before college entrance examination tests and parade, is you want voluntary basis. A successful model, you can make yourself confident, but not complacent; frustration in one mould nor their frustration, trivial. Should be the proper positioning of a die, despise it strategically, tactically attached to it.
Before the third phase, from the end of one die to the college entrance examination, for about two months. This is for a review before the college entrance examination last time, can also be called a comprehensive review stage. With the college entrance examination looming, some students may be psychological pressure will be more severe. Therefore, this period should be an important task on unloading baggage. To be good at regulating their own learning and the pace of life, relax taut nerves. The ancients said: "the road to civil and military, filial piety", at this time, the days do not have to review too late, to quickly adjust the height 31 years of intensive review in the form of improper internal clock to ensure abundant energy. In addition, this time you don't have to do too much too much exercise, should not die without problems and run should do less exercise. For example, take some time to look over the title of the college entrance examination, because these topics are both positioned products, is a proposition the direct embodiment of the will of college entrance examination, and is well-written. In the review, we do question should be easy to difficult, don't give up doubt about the choice, choose the possibly null fill, and so on.
I present my high three o'clock review and experience. I think, in our review, more important bit by bit from the start. "A journey begins with a single step", we should also pay attention to daily daily weekly review arrangements.
High 31-year review, we should pay attention to arrange review time every single day. Tense review process, there is not much time available to us every day, the longest period of time is just about every night after dinner to three hours before bed time. Will make good use of this time, is the key to the third year review. In this respect, my experience was not a full review to five in the evening, doing so will not only primary and secondary trouble. What is just less than four hours in a short period of time, how can you stand the bombarded five? Therefore, I suggest that you specialize in one or two a night, focus and focus in order to achieve higher efficiency. When I was in the third year review every night, math day Monday, English day Tuesday, physical day Wednesday, Chinese day Thursday, chemical day Friday, concentrating on reviewing a lesson every night, long, good results.
Many people in exam Shi total test not out himself of actual level, took not to ideal of scores, investigate its reasons, is psychological quality not excellent, exam Shi too tension of sake, also has is put exam of scores see have too heavy, so only will led to exam defeat, you to learned for a way to consider problem, you to learned adjustment himself of mentality, people often said, exam test have three points is level, seven points is psychological, too to pursuit often on will lost, is this sake; don't put scores see have too heavy, That put exam as General of job, acting clear himself of thought, seriously against each a problem, you on must examination out good results of; you to learned beyond self, this sentence words of mean is, heart don't total wants to with scores, and total wants to with ranking; as long as I this exam of results than I Shang once exam of results has improve, even is only high points, that I is beyond has self; this that is, not and others than results, on and himself than, such you of mentality on will peace many, on will was no so big of pressure, Learning and exam Shi on will was easily freely of; you try with according to this way to adjustment himself, you on will found, in inadvertently in the, you of results on will improve many; this is I of experience, mother taught I of truth, makes I smooth to spent has middle school stage, also makes I of results from high class Shang of more than 30 over to high three o'clock on into has grade of Qian 10 name, and no was does of pressure, learn have is easily freely, you may wish to also try a try, hope I of experience can makes you of pressure has reduce, and Higher scores, that I also felt relief. BACK