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Up early candidates to pay attention to?

Based on experience in previous years, grade six students following final stage should in this regard took note.
First, note sums:
Must learn to summarize, this particular facilitate problem solving. Many students get a topic without thinking, because there is no rational thinking. By summing, string together knowledge, student achievement will be a qualitative leap.
Second, pay attention to the leak filling:
Most of the students have some knowledge of point defects, such as some students every wrong is wrong in theory, every time I see some students travel problem headaches. These students should take note, must be targeted to find deficiencies, there must be no knowledge of the blind spot.
Third, pay attention to the comprehensive training:
Questions on the topic in a lot of students can be resolved quickly, but placed in a comprehensive examination, many students often start; many students on homework assignments, but an exam mistakes Cheetos. This lack of comprehensive training are not unrelated, so the best we can give more simulated training.
Four, targeted questions:
Each school tests often has its own character and style. For instance, some schools only to see the answer, some steps require strict; some schools like to test calculations, some schools like to test logical thinking ... ... This requires students to have a focused review and become a problem.
Five, pay attention to summing up error:
Some topics are specifically designed to trick unwary students.
Intentional design more answers to many questions, details of design and error-prone. Many students are not poor, but careless, always will do a thing wrong, it a great pity. This requires more attention to summarize common types of errors, test can fairly well.
VI mental health more important than exams:
Hopes and ambitions into a Phoenix, understandably, many parents would wish this on the school, that is well into the top universities, into general schools have a tough and even some parents desperate, tell the child must be admitted to a certain school or ... ... Children will increase the pressure. Facing tremendous pressure examinations, learning tasks suddenly increase sleep time dramatically reduced, the students were very tired, resulting in mind particularly vulnerable, mental capacity decrease, so that students and parents should change their attitude, if it feels that the pressure is too big, try the following address.
Five methods to help you reduce stress method: self-catharsis: his depressed mood, stress to tell family, friends, teachers, or you can use running, crying and other ways to try to vent their emotions.
Method two: learn to take a deep breath: you can sit or lie, first, slowly inhale, and then stops for a few seconds, then exhale, so many repeated several times.
Method three: massage neiguan point: you can use the thumb of his right hand clockwise neiguan acupoint massage his left hand every time 36 times, can regulate mood the functionality.
Method four: generalized muscle relaxation: close your eyes, heart meditation to relax parts of the body, and to feel relaxed feeling.
Method five: active imagination: you can try to think back to when they had successfully, and also can be accompanied by soothing music, bright and comfortable environment.
Advice to parents and rational view "up" and create a relaxed and family atmosphere. Do not, for the children of the family facing this turning point in the family atmosphere of tension. Not to his face, exert invisible pressure on high expectations, as well as to the child. Ideas and willingness to respect a child, believes "the head one day", with a common heart treatment "rose", and maybe it will have an unexpected effect.
Advice to students to relax, have fun. When we are feeling very bad, relaxation therapy, music therapy can be taken or you can shift attention, such as with their parents for a walk, playing badminton, to relax, relieve stress purposes. And tell myself: learning is important part of life, but not all, relaxation is necessary. BACK