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I had a deal with youth junior composition

Dear teachers and students, everyone, I am a third speaker for a class, my name is mx_, is Heaven I will lecture on the topic: I had a deal with youth.
Youth wind finally blows in the collective unconscious, she carefully blow away my childhood, giving me her special gift--fight the fire of youth, I put the fire into my veins. Suddenly, my body pulsing, burning up. Ah! The great fire, please put me on the edge of the cliff, I stand on the top of the Earth looking down at my feet to rivers, Oh! The great fire, please till me bitter sea, I have the power to defeat him! Me, to let him know that the fire of youth can make it burn and burn and burn! Ah! The fire of youth, in the burning in my veins, Pentium, I want light, light of my life!
Fan Zicheng, what is the point of your life you so bright? How do you become a man like Heidi? Below chest paralysed, unable to take care of when parents sent you to school with a strong arm, overcame stiff limbs hold you hard, you refused an invitation to death again and again, you use a lot of faith and indomitable willpower full course of study for high school or College, and served as the international financial center contributing translations to projects in China. When people praise you, you say: "join me was a miracle, that parents gave to me the miracle of love".
Fight the fire of youth, get the child a miracle. Ah! Let me fight the fires of youth get up, make it as bright as Sun, let the Sun and burn it, I will put my life some very bright, very bright!
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